Whats Does Your Lips Shape Say About Your Personality

It is scientifically proven that facial physiognomy is an extremely important clue when it comes to know more about people. It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but the shape and size of your lips can reveal the intentions of people.

It is said that your lips shape say a lot of things about your personality. Before you read this article, make your own lips print to see what is the shape of your lips. Lips can be a mirror that reflect your personality. If you want to know yourself better or to find out new things about new people from your life, pay more attention to the lips.

We are all very different, so there are many lips shape. In this articles you will identify 8 lips shape and you have to see in what category you are.


  1. Triangle lips 

You are extremely careful! You have the ability to recognize the skills and talent of other people and always help them to achieve their goals, even if it means to let yourself  on the second place. You fit extremely well into the role of teacher, counselor or any job in human resources.

  1. Rectangle lips

You are “salt and pepper” of any community,  the soul of the parties, a person that everybody chasing it for  an advice and help. You are responsible, which makes others rely on you with confidence in any situation.

  1. Closed lips

You are extremely stubborn. Once you are fixed  on an idea, hardly can anyone make you to change your mind. However, your stubbornness has its good parts! Being very determined, you are able to finish every plan. Every promises that you make, you always manage to keep your words!

  1. Open corners

If your lips are with open corners that are not touching, you are bored very quickly and you always like to keep you busy. You can not stay too long in one place or doing the same activity, so you always find new and interesting things to do.

  1. The lower lip fuller

You are extremely generous and  you do not hesitate when it comes to helping others, or to give them something. Also’re very good at expressing your desires and feelings, what makes a great orator, writer, or teacher.

  1. Lips with stress lines

Stress lines are crossing the bottom to the top lip (dry lips aspect). These are small things or issues that concern you and you didn’t had time to deal with them. There are things that you do not want to talk about, but you probably should do it!

  1. Closed outline lips

You  are “Ms./Mr. Stress’, which means that you are the subject to many” problems ” in daily life than you can handle. Overwhelming feelings can lead  you to several health problems related to stress. Therefore, it’s to fix this!

  1. Ghost lips

No matter how much lipstick or lip gloss you put on your lips, their printing is still not quite clear. This means that you are extremely tired and you need urgent a break! Your energy is close to zero and this prevents you from solving even the simplest tasks of everyday life. It’s time to take a vacation before your body will do it by itself.