How to Treat Cold Feet and Poor Circulation

Having cold feet is a common problem. I’m sure it happen to you to wear warm socks, to cover your legs in a blanket, and still have cold feet. The main causes of cold feet is poor circulation. Over time, the body becomes more sensitive and can become sick quickly, poor circulation representing one of the first problems.

Blood vessels weaken and prolonged sitting, are the main factors contributing to poor circulation. The first symptom is cold feet. It does not require emergency medical attention, but it is indicated to make a change in your lifestyle. For this medical condition, natural medicine will help us to treat cold feet and poor circulation with some ingredients from your kitchen.

How to Treat Cold Feet and Poor Circulation

Chilli –  is used in many ways: fresh, dry, powder etc. When is consumed, you feel a burning sensation in your stomach and your cheeks become warm, because blood pressure grows. Consume chilli and you will resolve cold feet problem.

Ginko biloba – This product can be found quite easily in any store with natural products as capsules or pills. It’s a great way to control the circulation, the capillaries, and the brain, which makes this ingredient a great nutrient for memory.

Wheat germs – can be found in (bio) food shops. They are rich in vitamin E, which strengthens blood vessels, and can be added to breakfast cereals. You can buy bread with wheat germs!

Chestnuts – Chestnut extract is known for its healthy benefits, especially when it comes to blood circulation. It contains a substance that can reduce inflammation and strengthen capillaries.

Ginger – can be used as a spice in powder form, and you can put it into tea for a stronger flavour. The effect is to warm the body, making the blood to move and stimulates fat burning.