Top 9 Make-up Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Majority of women are using make-up the products everyday, but many of them are doing less or more make-up mistakes.You shouldn’t choose your make-up products randomly and you can’t do your make-up randomly too.

I will present you some make-up mistakes that are very common and I will teach how to avoid them. Of course, if you keep exercising, in the future you will learn how your make-up can look perfectly.

The most 9 common make-up mistakes:

  1. you use make-up colors that are also on your clothes. It is not really suitable to mach your clothes colors with your make-up colors. This is one form the  veeery common make-up mistakes. The more colored are your clothes, the more neutral should be your make-up. If your clothes are in neutral colors, your make-up can be colored.
  2. you choose the foundation cream that have a darker color than your skin. It is erroneous to think that the darker foundation cream have a stronger power to conceal your skin problems. Also, if you use a darker shade you will not look tanned….The effect of using a darker shade is very unaesthetic and you will look like you wear an orange mask. Another make-up mistake is when you apply the foundation cream in your dry skin. Do not forget to moisturize your skinbefore you apply it.
  3. you use yo much blush or powder. It is recommended to apply few quantities in more rows until you obtain the desired shade.
  4. you apply the mascara in  to many rows. You should to avoid the heavy effect of your eyelashes, and make them to look more naturally.
  5. you are addicted to false eyelashes. It is recommended to use false eyelashes when you wear a professional make-up, when you are going at events etc, but it looks painful to use false eyelashes in the bus or at school,work etc.
  6. you outline your lips with a darker color than your lipstick. This make-up procedure was stylish in the 90’s
  7. you draw stripes too long, using the ink.  And is a mistake to apply the ink on the lower eyelid. You eyes will look tired and small.
  8. you make your eyebrows too thin. When you have eyebrows too thin, you look like you are always surprised.
  9. you use blue make-up shades. It is recommended to avoid this color. If you can control yourself, use it in small quantities and combines with other colors.  Color blue is very pretentious and needs experience to be correctly applied.