The Right and Safe Way To Remove A Tick

If you discovered that you have been bitten by a tick, you don’t have to panic and hurry to take it out because you risk breaking it incorrectly, risking its mouthpiece to remain in the skin.

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There are a number of special tick extractors on the market, but in the absence of these, a fine tweezers can also be used, being just as effective as another extractor. You need to act quickly because we know that this tick can transmit Lyme disease or meningoencephalitis.

How to remove the tick correctly

1. With the tip of the tweezer, catch the tick as close as possible from the surface of the skin.

2. Gently pull the tick, up, following the exit of the tick’s needle from the skin. * After extraction, the tick can be placed in a closed container for possible analyzes. If you didn’t extract the needle, go to see the doctor.

3. After removing the tick, thoroughly clean the area of ​​the bite and hands with alcohol, iodine tincture or water and soap.


If the tick was stick on your skin in the last 24 hours and it hasn’t yet swollen with the host’s blood, the probability of an infection is rather low.

If after a few days appear an irritation on your skin, pain in the bite area or fever, an emergency medical check-up is required.