Strange Method Remove Facial and Body Hair Forever

Unwanted facial hair is a serious concern for women today. The development of facial hair at women is an absolutely normal phenomenon, as long it grows in normal limits. If you confront with unpleasantness because of facial hair, don’t panic because there are numerous methods to get rid facial hair.

Not everybody afford to spend money in different chemical treatments to remove their facial hair. As you know, I am a big fan of natural products and I always try to use nature to resolve different beauty or health problems.

Fortunately, I discovered a natural and very effective recipe to remove facial hair forever. This method is a little bit strange, but you will see that the results are amazing. You have to apply this method until you completely remove the hair.

Strange Method Remove Facial and Body Hair Forever


– handful of unpeeled walnut shells

– water

Procedure: Dry very well the walnut shells. Burn them until you obtain ashes. Pour water over ashes and mix them, until you obtain a paste. Leave the obtained mixture to stay 12 hour. After 12 hour, is ready to be used. Soak a cotton pad in this mixture and apply it on your face and on the body areas with hair. Repeat this process every day, 3 times per day. After 1 week, you will notice that your hair will gradually disappear. Continue with this treatment until hair is completely removed.