Simple Steps To Get Rid of Varicose

There are many causes that stay behind the appearance of varicose veins. Varicose veins are superficial veins, located in the lower limbs, which expands and offer an unsightly look to the leg. Venous disease is a slow process during which the vein wall is affected, and while it spreads to surrounding tissues. Besides being unsightly, varicose veins are frequently accompanied by pain, and in severe cases occur swelling of the feet.

In this article you will find some simple steps to get rid of varicose. I’m sure will be very helpful for you.

Simple Steps To Get Rid of Varicose

Reduce veins pressure 

Do exercises correctly. There are some exercises that for people with varicose veins are not recommended because of the impact on the feet. Moreover, short impacts blocks blood flow and increases the pressure on the veins. On the other hand, there are other sports that are beneficial and help mobilising legs pumping blood.

Do these sports: active walking, stretching, yoga, cycling, thai chi and swimming.

Hesitate these sports: Judo, Karate, Box, Tennis, Football, Weight lifting, Running, Skiing and Squash.

Wear the right shoes: This is crucial aspect. You should wear shoes without heels because they help tone the muscles, leading to a better circulation. Furthermore, there are new types of shoes available on the market specifically designed for women who want to solve naturally the problem of varicose veins

Drink a lot of water

Proper weight: Obese people are more likely to develop varicose veins. So keep your body healthy with a good diet and include physical exercises that will relieve the pressure on the veins.

Raise your legs while you lie: When you lie in bed, the easiest way to relieve the pressure is to raise the feet to the head. For example, put several books under the legs.