Why You Shouldn’t Go To Sleep With Wet Hair?

I’m sure that several times it happens to go to bed with your hair still wet. There are many persons that never use to dry their hair with hair drier and leave it to dries naturally. Even many people think that going to sleep with wet hair can be a normal and an inoffensive thing, actually this habit can have negative effects for your health and for your health of your hair. In this article you will find out why you shouldn’t go to sleep with wet hair and why is better you dry it.

Why You Shouldn’t Go To Sleep With Wet Hair?

  1. Headaches –during the sleep, the body’s temperature increases. Humidity and high temperature can cause you headaches.
  2. Create favourable conditions for infections –pillows are a source of bacteria and mites. In addition, they absorb sweat, dead skin cells and natural oils from the hair. When you sleep with wet hair, you simply create an environment for bacterial growth.
  3. Hair loss – wet hair is very sensitive and it easily breaks. So, if you sleep with wet hair is more probable to lose more hair than usual.

Another important things to know when you have wet hair: 

– do not catch your hair. While is drying, your hair become shorter. In this way you risk to break your hairs. Wait your hair to be dried and then you can catch it.
– wet hair is 3 times more fragile than dry hair, so it is not recommended to brush it after you washed it

– instead of cotton pillowcases, use silk pillowcases. Cotton absorb humidity and your hair dehydrate too much overnight. In plus you will have less wrinkles!