What Does Your Palms Say About Your Personality

In this article we will decoding the sings from your palms. Everyone is different, with different personality types and different palms. Our body says a lot of things about our personality and the sings from our palms have a lot of meanings.

Hands can reveal many secrets about your personality. Find out what the heart line from your palm says about you and learn how to read the hands language. It will help you to learn more about you, but most important, it will help you to learn more about the people around you.

If you look to your palm, you will see that exist 4 major lines: heart line, life line, head line and faith line.  Heart line is the one that reflect your personality. Heart line is situated on the top of the palm. It starts from the edge of the palm, under the little finger and continue over the palm. Heart line indicates emotional stability and romantic perspectives.

Heart line govern out emotional and sentimental reactions. The more curved is your heart line, the more you are emotional.  The more straight is your heart line, the more you are a flexible personality.

– If your heart line is long, almost as whole hand, you are e person pleased by your love life.

– If your heart line is on the half of hand, you are an egoist person when it comes to relationships.

-If your heart line is short, you fall in love very hard, and you don’t have to much interest in love.

-If your heart line is swivel, that means you are easily disappointed. Also, it is said that you will have the luck to meet the love of your life.

– If your heart line is straight, that means you are good at managing emotions.