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We all want white teeth, that’s for sure. However, in most cases the whitening process is quite expensive. Well, from now this should not be a problem because I will present you some  natural methods that are very effective and cheap.

Moreover, if you whiten your teeth at the dentist, it is very very possible to destroy your enamel and to have more sensitive teeth. If you try to whiten your teeth at home, is healthier and cheaper. You won’t be disappointed by the results.


1. Consume lemon juice and ginger – These juices have the ability to clean  the enamel  and to make your teeth shine. Try to rinse your mouth twice a week with a mixture of lemon water in equal quantities and you will have a bright smile.

2. Prepare a toothpaste with peroxide – Mix 6 teaspoons of baking soda, 2 tablespoons of warm coconut oil, 10 drops of peppermint oil or cloves, a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide 3%. All ingredients should be mixed together in a bowl until you get a creamy texture. Add more sodium bicarbonate if it is too thin, or coconut oil  if it is too thick. Store the toothpaste in an opaque container. Take care not to swallow the toothpaste because it contains hydrogen peroxide.

Apply these two natural remedies and you will notice that in only 1 week your teeth will be whiter.

Homemade Moisturiser for Hands and Body

Majority of cosmetics must to satisfy  technical, economic, commercial and image requirements, and to  produce them are used a lot of synthetic ingredients. To extend the warranty period the products from the market contain preservatives that are harmful for our body; for example: butylated Hidrotoluen which is considered to be potentially allergenic or parabens which are suspected to have carcinogen potential.

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You can avoid these substances using creams and lotions made by yourself.  Maybe it seems difficult at first, but in time you will get use to prepare homemade products, beacause it’s very simple.

I recommend you a homemade moisturiez for hand and body. You can read more about the oils in the section” Oils” and you will see such great benefits they have.


    • 60 grams of shea butter
    • 20 g of almond oil
    • 10 grams of olive oil
    • 10 grams of rice oil
    • 3 tiny capsules of vitamin E
  • a few drops of lavender essential oil (about 10-15)

To prepare the  cream we need a  clean, sterilized and dried boil in which you will mix all ingredients with a spoon, a kitchen scale and a container to transfer the cream ( clean, sterilized and dry).

Procedure: Method of preparation is very simple. Scales  the shea butter and put it in a bowl to melt on the steam bath until it becomes like a cream (do not expect to become liquid). When it  melted add all the almond oil, olive oil and the rice oil and mix them. After you mix the butter and the oil, you add the capsules of vitamin and the essential oil.[/expand]


Argan oil is extracted from the seeds of the Argan fruit. Argan tree is a native of Morocco. Argan oil is a rare and valuable resource to treat multiple medical problems and cosmetic nature. It contains a high percentage of essential fatty acids and phenols, being more resistant to oxidation than olive oil. Contains vitamin A, omega-6 and omega-9 which gives the body more of the specific benefits of antioxidant substances. Argan crude oil is difficult to extract and is quite expensive. Due to high costs, is found only in small amounts in the composition of various products. I decided that rather to give money on a cream that says it contains argan oil and  has only 0.1% argan oil, it’s more efficient to buy a bottle of 250 ml oil cold pressed argan because is more cheaper.

Argan oil- benefits for skin

Has moisturizing properties and microbial qualities with far more extensive than a simple moisturizer because has no cholesterol ; Argan oil is more effective than other natural substances for skin moisturizers such as shea butter or olive oil, because it contains fatty acids.

  • Helps in restoring the natural pH of the skin ;
  • Helps to diminish wrinkles and gives skin elasticity ;
  • Adjusts the releaseof sebumin case of oily skin;
  • Is useful in the treatment of dry skin ;
  • Fade and participate in healing of blemishes and pimples caused by acne or chickenpox ;
  • Has the ability to neutralize free radicals this is why it plays an important role in treating eczema , acne and psoriasis ;
  • Has the ability to regenerate skin by revitalizing the cell functions , preventing premature aging caused by pollution , smoking, excessive sun exposure , etc. .
  • The application of argan oil on the nails make them harden , so it is recommended to treat brittle nails ;
  • The oil also helps to reduce inflammation and skin irritations ;
  • Pregnant women can apply argan oil body to prevent stretch marks ;
  • Mineral based makeup tends to dry the skin. This problem can be avoided by massaging the skin with 1-2 drops of argan oil before applying makeup .

Argan oil- benefits for hair

  • Hydration and nutrients provided by natural argan oil contribute to healthy hair growth ;
  • Natural antioxidants present in Argan oil strengthens hair and repair damaged hair cell membrane ;
  • Argan oil is recommended for the type of hair difficult to comb , as restores smoothness of hair , making it easy to comb and styling ;
  • Contains vitamin E, which is a fabulous substance for treating hair of any kind. Many internal and external agencies (such as heat, excessive hairdressing and oxidation ) affect hair. Vitamin E has positive effects on natural regeneration and repair hair ;
  • It’s a direct source of essential nutrients for healthy hair , due to its rich content of unsaturated fatty acids , omega -3 and omega- 9, which have the ability to treat brittle hair and split hairs;
  • Dye can damage your hair , making it coarse and curly . Argan oil is also indicated to remove these inconveniences, having superior qualities compared to jojoba oil ;
  • Without causing greasy , argan oil moisturizes , restores luster and shine of the hair ;
  • Stylists believe that argan oil is suitable for treating and repairing damaged and dry hair, affected by aggressive environmental factors and excessive styling

TOP 5 Natural Masks Against Acne Skin

A natural mask prepared at home is more efficient for an acne skin than the masks from the market. You know exactly the ingredients you put in the mask, they are natural and cheap. Also, don’t to forget to have a healthy nutrition and a healthy life style, because the quote” you are what you eat” it is true.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

Apart from using masks, it is absolutely necessary of a daily cleaning routine of the skin. In addition, you can use scrubs and the suitable cream for you type of skin. I suggest you to avoid the chemical products. You can use with confidence the following natural masks for acne skin.

1. Natural mask with cucumber for acne skin

Smash a cucumber using a blender or a fine grater.  Apply the obtained mixture on the face, including the eyes and neck. Rinse your skin with warm water after 15-20 minutes. This mask is perfect for oily skin. If you use regularly this mask you will get rid of blackheads and acne skin problem.

2. Natural mask with tomato for acne skin

Smash a tomato using a blender or a fine grater. Apply the obtained mixture only on the areas affected by acne. Rinse your skin after 30 -60 minutes.

3. Natural mask with corn starch for acne skin

Mix cornstarch with vinegar. Fold a piece of gauze several times and soak it in the mixture obtained. Apply the mixture on the area of skin where acne is most concentrated. Rinse your skin after 15 or 30 minutes with cold water.

4. Natural mask with oatmeal for acne skin

Put the oatmeal in a coffee grinder. Put the smashed oatmeal in a bowl. Add low fat cheese and mix the ingredients until you obtain a paste. Apply a thick layer on your face and leave it to action for 20 minutes. Rinse your skin with hot water and leave the skin to dry naturally. After that, apply a tonic on your skin.

5. Natural mask with mint juice for acne skin

Difficult, but possible. Smash the mint leaves until you obtain a spoon of juice. Add pinch of saffron in this juice and mix them. Apply the mixture on your face. This mask it is like a medicament. Rinse your skin after 30 minutes with hot water.[/expand]

Top 3 Innovative Scrubs That You Wouldn’t Think About

Exfoliating is an important process that should be in the daily routine of skin care of every woman.  Scrubs not only removes the dead cells from your skin, but also unclog  the pores and remove the impurities that cause acne. I will always recommend the beauty products that you can make at home instead of the ones from the market. If you usually prepare your homemade scrub with coffee, sugar, oatmeal etc. , today I will suggest you some scrubs with ingredients that I sure you wouldn’t think about them.

Do not forget that every new product for skin care should be tested night, before you go to sleep. If you have a side effect, the skin you will have time to recover.

1. Natural scrub with yogurt and nuts

The main ingredients from this scrub are nuts ( with an exfoliating role) and yogurt ( with calming effect). This scrub with suitable for normal and mixed skin.  Mix a quarter of a cup of yogurt with a quarter of a cup of nuts. Apply the obtained scrub on your clean face and massage it with circular moves. Leave the mask to action 10 minutes. Rinse your face with hot water and the with cold water. After using this scrub, you can apply on your face a moisturizing cream.

2. Natural scrub with figs

Figs are the staring fruits of this scrub. They contain many natural sugars, vitamins (A, B, C, E) and minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, copper, selenium, zinc, manganese), beneficial for the skin. This fruit is a great scrub if it is applied directly on the skin. So, cut a fig in half. Soften every half of the fig in warm water and massage your face with them.

3. Natural scrub with sesame seeds and mint leaves

Sesame seeds have protective properties against sunlight and also sooth the skin already affected by them. In addition, they help you tan to uniform. Peppermint has an energizing effect and add shine skin. Honey moisturizes and softens the skin. Smash the sesame seeds and the mint leaves. Mix these ingredients with honey. Apply the obtained scrub on your face and gently massage with circular moves. Leave the scrub to action 5-10 minute. Rinse your face with warm water.

Top 5 Homemade Natural Scrubs For a Glowing Skin

Abrasive ingredients from natural body scrubs remove the dead skin, uncork the pores and gives it a young and bright aspect. Scrubs made at home with natural ingredients are very beneficial and cheap. Certainly  you have in the house  ingredients like coffee, sugar, honey, almonds, etc. The skin will get a natural glow. Also, will become smoother and this is why other care products will penetrate and moisturize better the skin. I will present 5 natural scrubs that are very efficient:

1. Natural Scrub with Almonds

You need two tablespoons of ground almonds, a tablespoon of almond oil, a tablespoon of honey and the juice from half a lemon. Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Apply  the mixture on the body using circular movements. Rinse with warm water, then with cold water to close the pores. Wipe your skin with a soft towel. Do not use  this scrub more than twice a week. You should know that such a scrub can be kept more than a week. In addition, almond oil will not erase completely from the skin and hydrate your skin. It is not necessarily to apply another cosmetic product after using this scrub.

2. Natural Scrub with Sugar

Prepare a cup of brown sugar, a cup of olive oil and a half of a crushed avocado . This scrub is great if you have sensitive skin.  This natural scrub exfoliates gently your skin and, in addition, will moisturizes it. Due to olive oil, you will not need other products of hydration. You’ll be more than ready for a summer full of fun.

3. Natural Scrub with Coffee

This natural scrub can be used especially in the morning, that will energize  you. Also, the smell will make you happy for sure. If you want your skin to glow in the sun, use this scrub at least twice a week. You need 2 cups of ground coffee, 3 tablespoons of olive oil and a half  cup of sugar. First, wet the skin, then experimenting with confidence this scrub.

4. Natural Scrub with Sea Salt

If you have a sensitive skin, you can use with confidence  the natural scrub based on sea salt. You need a half cup of sea salt, a half cup of olive oil and 5 drops of essential oil (any oil  you like). Skin will get a youthful appearance, but certainly after this treatment, you will  need a cream for hydration.

5. Natural Scrub with Semolina

For a nice and firm cleavage, mix a tablespoon of semolina with two tablespoons of sour cream and a teaspoon of honey. Apply this mixture on breasts and gently massage them. Leave the scrub to action for 15-20 minutes. The skin will regain the youth. Against stretch marks on breasts, follow the recipe that is most appropriate: a spoonful of brown sugar, a few drops of rosemary oil, one tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of honey. Be careful when massage your skin, because sugar is quite aggressive.


Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors from different diseases, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalances and stress.  Hair loss treatment is to identify the causes of this situation and administering appropriate treatment.

I strongly recommend this natural mask for hair  and  you will see that is very beneficent. I know that ” onion” doesn’t sound appealing because of the bad smell, but I can guarantee that your hair will not smell badly  because of  the technique used to prepare the onion.


  • 1 onion
  • water
  • 7-12 drops of essential oil of rosemary
  • 2 teaspoons burdock oil
  • 1 teaspoon fine salt
  • 2-3 packages of mint

Procedure: Pour hot water over the mint packages and save for later. Peel de onion and grind it using a blender or a grater. Squeeze the juice through several layers of cheesecloth or a large bandage. Make sure that are not pieces of onion in juice , otherwise it will be very difficult to get rid of the smell of onions. Mix the burdock oil with the rosemary oil, the onion juice and the salt.Dilute the mixture in half a glass of warm water. Apply the mask by massaging your hair for 10-15 minute. Keep the mask on your hair for 30-40 minutes.  After this ,wash your hair normally. Rinse your hair with mint infusion and massage the scalp in the same time. Finally, rinse your hair with water. You have to repeat this procedure after 4-7 days for 8-12 weeks. Good luck!

Homemade Scrub For Soft Hands in 3 Minutes

If you desire soft hands, you have to pay more attention on exfoliating them. To have soft hands it’s not enough to hydrate them. In this article you will find out a homemade scrub for hands. You have to use it regularly and your hands will be always soft.

Many women complain about dry and rough hands. The most common mistakes are: you wash the dishes without wearing protection cloves, you don’t use hydrating cream, and you don’t exfoliate your hands.

Hydrating cream it’s not effective if your skin is not clean and you have dead cells and bacteria, because the nutritional substances do not penetrate deep the epidermis. If you exfoliate your hands, the cream will be effective and the results.


– 2/3 cup of sea salt

– 1/2 cup of jojoba oil

– optional – you can add some drops of essential oil ( lavender or chamomile)

– a glass jar


  1. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl to mix them well. Then, transfer the scrub in the glass jar. You can keep the scrub more days, if you keep the jar closed
  2. When you want to exfoliate your hands ( you can do it one time per week), take one teaspoon of this scrub and put it in your palms ( before doing this, wash well your hands). Massage your hands with this scrub on both sides and on your fingers.
  3. Massage your hands few minutes with circular moves. Rinse your hands with warm water and dry them with a clean towel. Now, you can apply the moisturizing cream.

The cream that you use it is also important. There are some ingredients that nourishes the skin very well: mint, brier and sage that contain vitamin A. Also, oils like almonds, jojoba or coconut acts like a strong emollient.

Natural Remedies For Dry Or Cracked Lips

Lips are a sensitive area where smoother skin  can be easily damaged. Indeed winter is the season when  lips are the most affected, but in any other season you can wake up with dry and chapped lips. Whether the wind blows or you stay too long in the sun and do not moisturize your lips, regardless of the circumstances it is good  during the year to take care of your lips.

Hydration is primordial – Natural remedies for lips ranks second after hydration. If you do not drink enough water and other fluids daily (soup, tea) all the trataments or creams are useless. As long as the situation is not resolved internally, all the external treataments have no effect. Besides liquid, consume vegetables and fruits rich in water.

Remedies for dry or cracked lips – For beautiful, healthy and free from cracks  lips, it’s best to follow a routine of care. Once a week apply a light scrub on your lips. But you have to be gentle, do not apply much pressure. You can do this with  sugar moist (but not melted) or wet corn. If you have a worn toothbrush to not throw it use it to clean the dead cells from the lips. For soft, smooth and healthy lips try at home one of the natural remedies described below. After making any treatment on the lips, remove them with a cotton pad soaked in warm water.

1. When you stay in the house put honey on your lips and leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

2. Put olive oil on your lips, or you can mix the oil with the honey; Leave it  on for 10-15 minute

3. Try aloe vera gel on your lips.

4. For chapped lips is very good calendula cream.

5. Coconut oil is also very beneficial for the lips.

6. Glycerin is beneficial forthe lips and dry skin.

7. For chapped lips is very good the castor oil.

8. You can put on your lips some cream( for cooking)- for 15-30 minutes.

In closing,  very useful simple tips if they are followed:

Do not bite your chapped  lips and do not break the dry husks .

Give up of the habit of licking your lips.

Use a lip balm when you get out that you also can use it on your lips at night.

If you expose yourself to the sun,  apply on your lips a lip balm with UV protection.


Jojoba, called ‘the gold of the desert’ is a plant that grows in arid areas and has been used since ancient times for its special effects. Today, jojoba oil is one of the most used ingredients in cosmetics.

The special properties of jojoba oil make it useful in daily care, being rich in antioxidants and vitamins, especially vitamin E. The jojoba oil is the only oil recommended for oily skin and has properties similar to human sebum, which gives an exceptional tolerance from our skin.

The jojoba oil is a liquid wax  that presents these benefits and uses in beauty:

Jojoba oil can be used for moisturizing the body. Pour it into a spray recipient (eg the left one balm or massage oil ) and then spray your body and massage it gently.

Jojoba oil does not leave a greasy film on the skin and does not charge skin ; it is completely absorbed due to its structure similarity with human sebum

Jojoba oil is the only oil recommended for oily skin , it’s regulating sebum secretion . Jojoba oil can be used for all types of skin due to its regulatory proprieties

Jojoba oil can be used in natural hair care . You can use jojoba oil with castor oil to get maximum effect . You can spray on hair jojoba oil instead of using conditioner . Also a mask with jojoba oil moisturizes hair , restores hair and reduce hair loss degenerated ;

Jojoba-oil strengthens nails. You can use jojoba oil for both nails and cuticle, massaging twice a week neojate nails.

Jojoba oil can be used as demachiand or as a soothing tonic for the face after cleansing

Jojoba oil reduce wrinkles;

Jojoba oil can be used successfully to treat cracked and dry heels , representing one of the best natural remedies for beauty legs. Jojoba oil shows antimicrobial properties thus protects against fungus feet.

Jojoba oil smoothes sensitive skin.

You can gently massage with jojoba oil if you want to alleviate the symptoms of sunburn.

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