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Easy Smoothie For Stronger Knee and Ache-Free Joints

Knees are an important component of skeletal structure and for your physical strength. They support your body’s weight, basically they are the reason we can walk. Knee pain can be triggered by a lot of causes, like shoes. Pain can spread to the hips or spine.

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Knee pain is a common problem for people suffering from obesity. This is the body’s way of responding to the extra weight that it’s bound to carry and an alert that there are problems with your body. Many of the knee problems require special treatments and even surgery. I will propose you a natural recipe to help you to prevent sudden and severe pains that occur in the knees. The ingredients you need for this remedy have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, being extraordinary for tendons and ligaments. They are rich in magnesium, silicon, bromelain and vitamin C. Also, the taste of this drink is very pleasant, while giving you the strength in your daily activities.


  • 1 cup of oats
  • 1 cup of water (250 ml)
  • 2 cups of pineapple
  • 40 grams of fresh honey
  • 40 grams of crushed almonds
  • 7 grams of cinnamon powder
  • 1 cup of fresh orange juice.

Method of preparation:

Prepare the normal oat, just boil it for a few minutes.
Add orange juice.
Blend almonds, honey, pineapple and cinnamon sticks together.
Add in blender the oat mixed with orange juice.
Blend until the mixture becomes perfectly homogeneous.
Throw some ice cubes into the drink and enjoy a delicious smoothie that takes the pain away!
You can mix all ingredients directly, but the cooked oatmeal provides a better smoothie consistency. Of course, the way you prepare it is your choice!


The Reason You Should Put A Slice Of Onion On Your Tooth

To put a slice of onion in your tooth? You probably think I’m crazy, but I’m not. According to the latest studies, it seems that onions can help you in countless ways. Yes, yes, you add it to the food in order to taste better and it has multiple health benefits, but why would you put your on your teeth? Read on to find out!

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Put a slice of onion on your teeth and you will notice the differences in your teeth problems. This “remedy” will help you to save a lot of money by avoiding your visit to your dentist.

The most effective treatment for toothache is onion. We know, toothache is unbearable. But if you use onions correctly, you can get rid of this pain very quickly. Whenever the first sign of a toothache occurs, chew a raw onion for a few minutes. This will not only improve your pain but it will alleviate any minor toothache before going to your dentist. So just put a slice of onion on your teeth and get rid of this problem.

What’s really going on? Onion juice is released into your mouth and acts on the tooth that hurts, healing the pain. But there are other methods you can use to cure a toothache, if onions are not among your favorite foods.

Here are other great remedies:

1. Cloves Oil. Just dip a cotton disc into the mixture of 2-3 drops of cloves oil and 1/4 teaspoon of olive oil. Put the disk on the tooth that hurts and you will feel how the pain begins to gradually disappear.

2. Cough drops. Cough tubes have anesthetic properties that can make you feel less painful. Spray a drop or two over the tooth that hurts and make sure you don’t chew the mixture. Rinse your mouth and get rid of pain quickly.

3. Cucumber. Put a slice of cucumber on the tooth that hurts, because cucumber has many beneficial properties that can help you to cure the painful area.

4. Ginger root. Remove the peel of ginger root and cut it into pieces. Put it on the painful tooth and chew. You will see that the pain will begin to gradually disappear.[/expand]

If You Have Constant Headaches, You Should Read THIS!

Headaches are awful and in many many cases are caused by sinuses problems. If you’ve been awake all night because of nasal congestion or persistent cough, you may have chronic sinusitis or inflamed sinuses. It’s not a rare disease and it’s estimated that 32 million people suffer from this infection. When you have chronic sinus you may feel some of the symptoms below.

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  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • you feel irritated
  • toothache,  ache around the eyes, cheeks or around the nose

The most common method of pain relief is the administration of antibiotics. In some cases, antibiotics only aggravate the pain you feel. Antibiotics can’t make the difference between good bacteria and bad bacteria and there are cases where their administration leads to the appearance of candidiasis. This disease causes urinary tract, vaginal, acne, irritation, tiredness and even bleeding of the nose.

How to get rid of persistent congestion?

In South Korea, the pumpkin peel is used against sinus pain because it has antifungal properties and can fight against infections.

Coconut oil contains capric acid and keeps infections at a distance.

In order to free our sinuses, salt is amazing:
Mix 1/2 tablespoon of Himalaya salt with 1/2 cup of baking soda in a warm water. You can use this solution by applying it with a pipette inside your nose, like drops. You can also use aroma therapy with various essential oils. (oregano oil, eucalyptus, tea tree). You will not regret when you will try these natural methods and you will get rid of persistent headaches.


The Reason You Should Refrigerate Onions and Other Tricks That Will Change Your Life

To ease your daily activities, you can use different tricks. They are simple and effective and can change your life in a better way. Find out why you have to put the onions in the freezer, but also other tricks you can use!

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Here is the reason you should to put onion in the freezer. This trick will change your life!
If you put an onion in the freezer for 10 minutes before cleaning it, you will not cry anymore when you will clean and cut it. It’s a simple and effective trick that you should definitely try it.

There are also other tricks that you can use in the kitchen. For example, if you want vegetables to be more crispy, all you have to do is put them in cold water and then cook them.

If the wine you have at home begins to change its taste and become more sour, you don’t have to throw it away. You could add a couple of raisins to the glass and you’ll solve the problem.

In order for the salt to not harden, you could put a few grains of rice in the salt recipient. It’s a simple trick you can try.

Did you know that when you prepare a dessert you could replace the eggs with half a banana? Try this next time you prepare something sweet and see the results.

If you want the cheese from the fridge to last longer, then you could wrap it in paper.

When you put the eggs to boil, you can resort to an interesting trick so the final result to be perfect. Boil two eggs, then put a little baking soda in water and a little lemon juice.


The Correct Way To Use Baking Soda To Burn Fat From Your Back, Arms, Thighs And Belly

We like to have a flat abdomen, so we resort to various techniques to achieve this goal. And one of the best is is found in our homes. The key to reducing abdomen is very close to you and the best thing about it is that it’s super economical.

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Baking soda is the solution to lose weight. Do you know why it’s so effective? Because it contains alkalizing compounds and is digestible.
The next question that would arise is: How do you use baking soda to achieve the weight you desire? There are three ways to use baking soda to help us to significantly reduce the volume of our abdomen and get a flat stomach.

This is the right way to prepare baking soda!

Baking soda with lemon juice and grapefruit:


  • 1 teaspoon of bakind soda
  • 1 lemon or grapefruit
  • 1/2 glass of water

Method of preparation:
Melt the baking soda in 1/2 glass of water and add the juice from 1 lemon or grapefruit. After that, stir well until all the ingredients are mixed. Drink this mixture on an empty stomach, 20 minutes before breakfast.

Baking soda with apple cider vinegar:


  • 2 tablespoons of apple vinegar
  • 1 glass of water
  • ½ teaspoon  of baking soda

Method of preparation:
Mix all the ingredients in a glass like the previous drink. Drink it on the empty stomach, and you will quickly notice that you will lose weight and burn body fat as well!

Baking soda with fruits:


  • 2 lemons
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 cup of strawberries
  • 1 bunch of fresh mint leaves
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda

Method of preparation:
Mix all ingredients using a blender. Avoid putting sugar into the mix! Eat twice a day and include ice if you prefer  it cold.
Another thing that helps to burn body fat is removing flour and sugars from your diet. Including more baking soda in your diet will do wonders for your body![/expand]

Tips on How to Get Thicker Eyebrows

Well defined eyebrows can change your entire look, it highlight your face and give you personality. Sometimes we don’t need any complicated make-up if we have beautiful, spotless and thick eyebrows. Fortunately, women with thin eyebrows can resolve this problem using natural remedies. In this article your will find out how to get thicker eyebrows.

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Women with thin eyebrows lose a lot of time every day to define them using eyebrow pencil. Using these natural remedies you will have to quit of this daily make-up process witch is a great news.

Tips on How to Get Thicker Eyebrows

  1. Macadamia oil – you find this oil in any naturist shop. You better try it because is very very effective. This oil stimulate hair growth, and in time your eyebrows will become thicker. Also helps in moisturising skin, acting like a balm.
  2. Almond oil – vitamins and nutrients from almond oil nourish the hair and help it in the growing process. Massage your eyebrows with almond oil every night, before you go to sleep. After 2 weeks you will notice the difference.
  3. Do not pluck your eyebrows too often – it is recommended yo give a break to your eyebrows at least 1-2 weeks. If you look with attention and remove hair every day, they will become thinner.
  4. Aloe Vera – another great remedy is fresh Aloe Vera juice. You have to regularly apply it on your eyebrows. This juice will deeply nourish the hair and will improve its growing.
  5. Castor oil – Is is already known that castor oil is one of the best remedies for hair growing. Massage your eyebrows every night with castor oil and you’ll notice amazing results.
  6. Massage and exfoliate your eyebrows – by massaging them you will improve blood circulation and the hair growth in the same time.
  7. Brush your eyebrows every days. In this way you will improve blood circulation.
  8. Onion juice – Onion juice contains sulfur. This element makes your hair to grow faster.[/expand]

This is How You can Remove Tartar at Home

Tartar is the result of excessive accumulation of bacteria in the mouth, and untreated, can cause gingivitis and periodontitis. Try these home remedies and say “goodbye” to the plaque (tartar).These remedies are the ideal solution for people who hate going to the dentist. Each remedy offers the same result of a meeting at the dentist.

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If you are a lover of sweet food, rich in carbohydrates (white bread, biscuits, candied fruit), or if you smoke, the tartar is something you can not avoid. In this article you will find out how you can remove tartar at home.

This is How You can Remove Tartar at Home

Remedy no. 1


– 30 gr of nutshell

– 200 ml of water

Procedure: Put the shells in a kettle and pour the water. Boil de mixture for 20 minutes. After it cooled, filter the mixture. Soak your toothbrush in the obtained liquid and brush your teeth for 5 minutes. Repeat the treatment 3 times per day. In 10 days the tartar will disappear.

Remedy no. 2


– 4 teaspoons of sunflower seeds

– 4 teaspoons of linden flowers

– 1 l of water

Procedure: Put all the ingredients in a big kettle. Boil the mixture for 30 minutes. Cover the kettle until water will have body temperature. Stir the liquid. Soak your toothbrush in the liquid and brush your teeth every day, after every meal. After 14 days, the tartar will be eliminated.

Remedy no. 3


– 3 tablespoons of Artemisia absinthum

– 300 ml of water

Procedure: Mix the ingredients and boil them for 20 minutes. Leave the liquid to cool, then stir it. Soak the toothbrush in this liquid and wash your teeth at least 5 minutes, 3 time per day.

After using any of these 3 remedies, rinse your mouth with apple vinegar for 1 minute. This will speed the elimination of tartar, making the remedies more effective.[/expand]


The Miraculous Skin Benefits of Manuka Honey

Did you heard about Manuka honey until now? The use of Manuka honey is a little bit unusual. Manuka honey is a honey “extracted” from the flowers of the Manuka tree, native from New Zealand and Australia – a tree that is related to tea tree. Manuka honey is so amazing because it is not processed, unlike the ordinary honey that is heated to high temperatures to be filtered of impurities and to obtain the beautiful yellow colour.

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During processing, honey lose many of its nutrients such enzymes, vitamins B’s, vitamin C, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium etc. Manuka Honey retains all the beneficial vitamins and minerals. In addition, Manuka honey contains more compounds with antibiotic properties than the normal honey. In this article you will find our some miraculous skin benefits of Manuka honey.

The Miraculous Skin Benefits of Manuka Honey

– Cure Acne – because it has anti-inflammatory properties, Manuka honey reduce redness and improves the healing of inflamed skin and eczema. Moreover, oxygenates pores and helps to eliminate the bacteria, making the skin to look beautiful
– Fix the skin – Manuka honey speeds up skin regeneration, repair cellular tissue and reduces the appearance of scars.
– Moisturizes the  dry skin – honey anyway is a good humectant (attracts and maintains moistureon the surface of the skin)! Manuka moisturizes and helps the skin to retain more moisture and to keep  its healthy and shiny appearance.
– Keep the skin young – one of the Manuka’s compounds is antibiotic like methylglyoxal (MG), that can help in the production of collagen and protect it. Collagen helps the skin to maintain its firmness and elasticity.

How you can use Manuka honey 

Wash your face, wipe it and apply a think layer Manuka honey on your face. Hesitate eyes and mouth area. Gently massage your face and leave the honey to act 20-30 minutes. You can also prepare scrubs or other masks using Manuka honey.[/expand]

Natural Recipe of Tibetan Monks for White and Strong Teeth

Having white, strong and healthy teeth is one of the most desired things. If you don’t take care of your teeth, this shows to the others some negative aspects of your personality. If you desire whiter teeth and you don’t have money to go to dentist for special treatments, you will find out a natural recipe of tibetan monks for white and strong teeth.

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Interestingly, in ancient times Tibetan monks knew how to maintain their teeth healthy until old ages. Residents of these mountain lands never went to dentist and never used conventional toothpaste. So, what is their secret? Well, it is a simple recipe that I will provide you in this article.

Natural Recipe of Tibetan Monks for White and Strong Teeth 

In order to prepare this natural toothpaste, add 1 tablespoon of salt in 100 ml of water. Mix well until the salt is completely melted. Remove the foam that is formed at the surface.

Soak the toothbrush in the obtained mixture and brush your teeth as usual in the morning and before you go to sleep and preferable after every meal. Using this method, your teeth will become whiter. Moreover, the gums become healthier.

At the first uses, it is possible to feel a discomfort. Teeth can become temporarily more sensitive to temperature changes and rapid changes in taste ( from sour to sweet), as a result of using salty water.

The same can happen when you use commercial products for caring sensitive teeth because they contain salt in different amounts. This small disadvantage can be overlooked, since toothpaste that contains salt destroy all pathogens in the mouth, rapidly hardens tooth enamel and help to repair natural tooth cracks.[/expand]


Learn How to Wash your Hair with Conditioner

I know it sounds strange to wash your hair just with conditioner, but this is one of the most recent beauty discover and hair-stylists strongly recommend it. Co-washing suppose to quit using shampoo 1 or 2 times per week, and use conditioner instead.

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You don’t think it’s going to work? Conditioner contain ingredients that mixed with water, remove the dirt and bacteria. Although conditioner do not clean your hair as good as shampoo does, it nourishes it and makes it soft.

Specialists explain that is new trend, co-washing, appeared by the need of protecting our hair that is washed too often with big quantities of shampoo.  In time, this process will lead to degradation of our hair and co-washing is the solution.

Learn How to Wash your Hair with Conditioner

  1. Buy a simple, cheap conditioner because it does not contain chemical preservatives such as parabens.
  2. If you usually wash your hair with shampoo 3 times per week, then use conditioner, partially quit to use shampoo, and use it just 1 time per week.
  3. Co-washing lasts longer than normal washing, because conditioner do not foam. Insist to wash the roots, then, apply again conditioner and leave it to act until you finish your bath.
  4. If you have burned and dry hair, comb your hair in the shower, before you rinse it of conditioner.
  5. Be aware of you hair type. If you have oily hair, maybe you shouldn’t use this method and continue to wash your hair just with shampoo.[/expand]

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