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3 Must To Know Things To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Nowadays, one of the most common problem represents the belly fat. Belly fat is the most dangerous type of fat- beside the unaesthetic effect, can be, also, an indicator for many diseases.

To get rid of belly fat you need to do more things than crunches. Fat begins to accumulate when our cortisol levels grows. Stress is one of the main culprits for the high levels of cortisol. When this happens, cortisol destroys muscle (the type of tissue that burns calories more efficiently) and also helps in fat storage in the abdominal region.

In order to get rid of belly fat, in this article you will find 3 must known things that will help you to resolve this annoying problem.

  1. Rest!

If you work until late night, you should stop doing this. When biorhythms are off, you end up eating more. Losing sleep can also alter the production of hormones that affect levels of cortisol. Getting about 7 hours of sleep a night is one of the best things you can do for your body.

  1. Do not do short bursts of exercises!

1000 crunches a day can strengthen your abdominal muscles, but the layer of fat will still be there. In this way you will not obtain the most desired results. You should do exercises that engage multiple muscle groups, so cardiovascular system works in short intervals. Sugar is your enemy!

When you fight against belly fat,  diet is important in proportion of 80%.  You should reduce the calories by eating protein, vegetables, whole grains and quit eating sugar filled snacks. For example, if you craving for sugar, add some cinnamon in your coffee or in oatmeal.

Natural Mask to Permanently Remove Blackheads

There are many types of acne. The main manifestations of acne are red pimples and blackheads and whiteheads. This distinction is important because there is a different treatment for every type of acne. Blackheads and whiteheads are known as comedones and may be more common on the face and shoulders than the red pimples with pus. An appropriate and consistent skin hygiene can help you to get rid this condition.

No treatment has been found yet to act overnight, but using different skin care methods  can help you to improve health conditions and follicle. The good news are that I discovered a great mask that can permanently remove blackheads.

This mask is very easy to prepare it and very cheap. Moreover, you need only 2 ingredients. I’m sure that you will be pleased by the results. Let’s get rid of blackheads:

Natural Mask to Permanently Remove Blackheads


– egg-white

– lemon

Procedure: Separate the egg-white from egg-yolk and keep the egg-white. Beat the egg-white until become soft and  fluffy. Add one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and mix well the ingredients. Clean your face and apply the mixture. Apply more mixture on the nose and on the areas where you have blackheads, whiteheads or pimples. After 20 minutes, remove the mask by washing your face with warm water. Use a moisturizer after using this mask, because lemon dries your skin. You will notice that your blackheads are removed and they will hardly reappear.

Containing 88% water and 11% protein with a small amount of B complex vitamin and predominantly potassium and sodium, egg white is pure protein. Having lifting effect, egg white is one of the most popular methods of preserving feminine beauty.

Get rid of Mouth Herpes at Home in 1 Minute

Mouth Herpes is a real health problem and appear just in unsuitable moments. Do not panic and run to pharmacy to spend money on different expensive treatments, because today you will learn to prepare homemade treatments against herpes. This is an old, but an effective remedy that even our grandmothers used it to get rid of herpes.

Mouth herpes is not dangerous, but is unaesthetic, unpleasant, hurts and it itches. Fortunately, you can get rid of it very fast using natural treatments. Mouth herpes is a herpes type 1.Herpes type 1 is associated with infections of the mouth, lips and face in general.

Let’s find out how to get rid of herpes at home in 1 minute.

Take a black tea bag and soak it in boiled water. Apply it on the herpes for at least 1 minute. You can also prepare a very concentrate black tea and apply compresses on the herpes. You will see that the area with herpes will look very well immediately. Black tea is antioxidant and antiviral, having anti-inflammatory properties. This is why is very effective in treating mouth herpes.

After we solved the inflammation and redness problem, we have to solve the itching problem. Is one of the oldest treatments against herpes and it really works. This treatment is based, of course, on baking soda, the miraculous ingredients that is good in every problem beauty or health. Mix baking soda with water, put the mixture on a compress and apply it on the herpes. Leave it to act at least 1 minute. This remedy will dry the herpes and the itches will disappear.

So, apply these 2 homemade treatments for 1 minute, you will get rid of mouth herpes in 1 day.

Why You Should Wash Your Hair with Dish Soap

Although seems unbelievable, liquid dish soap can do wonders to our hair. In this article you will find out why you should wash your hair with dish soap and the benefits of dish soap for your hair.

Our hair represents both for women and men one of the most important thing when it comes to our look. Even is short, long, medium, straight, curly, red, blonde, black etc., our hair is part of our personality.  When you dye your hair, I”m sure it happened to you at least one time to obtain a darker color than you desired and this thing is very annoying, moreover if you have an important event in the future.

Find out that you don’t have to dye again your hair or to wait weeks in a row to remove the dye from your hair. In this article you have the solution to obtain the desired color on your hair

Why You Should Wash Your Hair with Dish Soap

If your hair is to dark, wash it with liquid dish soap instead of shampoo. You will notice that your hair color will become lighter with 1-2 shades. It is important to know that dish soap doesn’t affect your hair, but can dry it. The effect is similar like you would expect 2 weeks before dyeing.

To moisturize your scalp, apply a mask with yogurt and keep it for 30 minutes.

Another remedies to lighten your hair are:

– Mix chamomile with olive oil and some drops of cognac. Apply this mixture on your hair and keep it at least 1 hour. Wash your hair as usual. At final, rinse it with water mixed with lemon juice. You will observe  that your hair will become lighter.


Whats Does Your Lips Shape Say About Your Personality

It is scientifically proven that facial physiognomy is an extremely important clue when it comes to know more about people. It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but the shape and size of your lips can reveal the intentions of people.

It is said that your lips shape say a lot of things about your personality. Before you read this article, make your own lips print to see what is the shape of your lips. Lips can be a mirror that reflect your personality. If you want to know yourself better or to find out new things about new people from your life, pay more attention to the lips.

We are all very different, so there are many lips shape. In this articles you will identify 8 lips shape and you have to see in what category you are.


  1. Triangle lips 

You are extremely careful! You have the ability to recognize the skills and talent of other people and always help them to achieve their goals, even if it means to let yourself  on the second place. You fit extremely well into the role of teacher, counselor or any job in human resources.

  1. Rectangle lips

You are “salt and pepper” of any community,  the soul of the parties, a person that everybody chasing it for  an advice and help. You are responsible, which makes others rely on you with confidence in any situation.

  1. Closed lips

You are extremely stubborn. Once you are fixed  on an idea, hardly can anyone make you to change your mind. However, your stubbornness has its good parts! Being very determined, you are able to finish every plan. Every promises that you make, you always manage to keep your words!

  1. Open corners

If your lips are with open corners that are not touching, you are bored very quickly and you always like to keep you busy. You can not stay too long in one place or doing the same activity, so you always find new and interesting things to do.

  1. The lower lip fuller

You are extremely generous and  you do not hesitate when it comes to helping others, or to give them something. Also’re very good at expressing your desires and feelings, what makes a great orator, writer, or teacher.

  1. Lips with stress lines

Stress lines are crossing the bottom to the top lip (dry lips aspect). These are small things or issues that concern you and you didn’t had time to deal with them. There are things that you do not want to talk about, but you probably should do it!

  1. Closed outline lips

You  are “Ms./Mr. Stress’, which means that you are the subject to many” problems ” in daily life than you can handle. Overwhelming feelings can lead  you to several health problems related to stress. Therefore, it’s to fix this!

  1. Ghost lips

No matter how much lipstick or lip gloss you put on your lips, their printing is still not quite clear. This means that you are extremely tired and you need urgent a break! Your energy is close to zero and this prevents you from solving even the simplest tasks of everyday life. It’s time to take a vacation before your body will do it by itself.

Waxing vs. Shaving – Which One Is Better And Why

Getting rid of unwanted hair is one of the most common problem for every women. There are many ways to get rid of the hair from your body, through waxing, shaving, using an electric epilator of using a shaving cream. In this article you will find out the benefits and disadvantages of waxing or shaving, which is better and why.

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The main question is: You choose the easiest, rapid and cheapest way or you choose the one that gives results on long time? Both methods, shaving and waxing have disadvantages and advantages.

After reading this article, you will choose the method that provides you the most advantages.

Effectiveness – Waxing vs. Shaving

Both methods are methods that remove hair temporary. Waxing have effects on long term in comparison with shaving. As a disadvantage, when you shave your hair, you have soft and smooth skin just few days. When you use shaving, it’s much simple to remove your hair and it takes you less time. But this advantage have repercussions. You have to repeat the shaving process after few days because the hair will grow faster.

Waxing method requires much time, but is more effective because the hair will grow slower. You have to repeat the process after 3-4 weeks.

Duration – Waxing vs. Shaving

When we talk about duration, shaving method is the winner. It is very fast to shave your hair. In maximum 15 minutes you get rid of your hair. Although waxing is more effective, shaving is more quickly. If you choose to wax your hair at a hair salon, it will take almost 1 hour and if you do it at home it will take you more than 1 hour. If you have a unplanned event, shaving can help you very fast to have a smooth skin.

Risks –  Waxing vs. Shaving

The disadvantage of waxing is that is a painful method. In plus, you can suffer some irritations and inflammation as a result of removing the hair. You have to be careful at the temperature of the wax because if it’s to hot can cause you burns. After waxing it’s indicated to not make sunbathe. The shaving method is not painful. There is a risk to cut your skin during the process.[/expand]

Home Workout vs. Gym Workout

Do you wanna start to work your body and you don’t know what is the best choice between home workout and gym workout? In this article you will find the advantages and disadvantages of doing your workout at home or at the gym.

You will response to this question after reading this article and you will choose the most suitable solution in order to obtain the desired results.

Personally, I am doing my workout both at home and the gym, but also outside the house ( like running). I believe that are advantages both in home and gym workout, this is why I think you can chose both of them, not only one.

Home Workout advantages

– you save money

– you save time ( the time lost traveling to the gym and back)

– you have  privacy

–  you have the posibility to work at any time you want

Home Workout disadvantages

– the variety of exercises is limited

– neglect some muscles groups

– you do unsupervised workouts

– you risk you injury yourself ( if you do not execute correctly the exercises)

– low motivation

– the impossibility to use heavy weights

– you will be tent to take big pauses, in order to do order things that are not related to your workout

If you choose the home workout you need to be very motivated and persevering, in order to do the workout on longtime. If you want to see results, you have to work your body constantly, for long time.

 Gym Workout advantages

– great variety of workout machines

– grow motivation

– you can socialize with other people with a healthy lifestyle

– the workout will be supervised by a specialized instructor

– you can use heavy weights

– you can use jacuzzi and pool

– you can benefit of  specialized nutrition advises

– you will more organized and you will respect a program

 Gym Workout disadvantages

– you pay money

– you lose travel time to the gym and back

– the lack of fresh air ( in some gyms)

– the lack of intimacy

– the crowd in the gym ( at some hours)

What Does Your Palms Say About Your Personality

In this article we will decoding the sings from your palms. Everyone is different, with different personality types and different palms. Our body says a lot of things about our personality and the sings from our palms have a lot of meanings.

Hands can reveal many secrets about your personality. Find out what the heart line from your palm says about you and learn how to read the hands language. It will help you to learn more about you, but most important, it will help you to learn more about the people around you.

If you look to your palm, you will see that exist 4 major lines: heart line, life line, head line and faith line.  Heart line is the one that reflect your personality. Heart line is situated on the top of the palm. It starts from the edge of the palm, under the little finger and continue over the palm. Heart line indicates emotional stability and romantic perspectives.

Heart line govern out emotional and sentimental reactions. The more curved is your heart line, the more you are emotional.  The more straight is your heart line, the more you are a flexible personality.

– If your heart line is long, almost as whole hand, you are e person pleased by your love life.

– If your heart line is on the half of hand, you are an egoist person when it comes to relationships.

-If your heart line is short, you fall in love very hard, and you don’t have to much interest in love.

-If your heart line is swivel, that means you are easily disappointed. Also, it is said that you will have the luck to meet the love of your life.

– If your heart line is straight, that means you are good at managing emotions.

10 RUNNING TIPS For Beginners

If you are considering to start running, or if you are a beginner, you are in the right place and this article will help you to understand some important running tips. Every start is difficult, but if you follow the tips form this article, you will notice how enjoyable and energizing running can be.

For many people, to run can be a hell. This is why today I will help you to transform running in something pleasant. I will provide you 10 running tips for beginners that will help you to run correct and healthy.

Don’t wait another day! Go in a park or in a nice place and start to run! Also, it is very important to be persevering, ambitious and not give up!

  1. Welcome to the start line

Before you start to run, establish 2 very clear objectives: to maximize the results and to minimize injuries.

  1. Buy suitable running shoes

Shoes are the most important thing when you run. Invest your money in some shoes special designed for running. Pick a model that suits you and also suits with the area when you run the most: street, track or treadmill.

  1. Make a plan

One of the most important running tips is to have a plan. Space and time are the basic coordinates for an effective running program. ” I don’t have enough time for running” and ” I don’t have a place to run” are just 2 excuses that must be excluded. You can run 3o minutes per day, instead watching a TV show. Look for a suitable place for run nearby. In this way, you will save time and solve the problem of space.

  1. Calculate your time

In time, will notice that you will improve your running by run longer distances in shorter time. This thing will motivate you.

  1. Follow the ” fit ” formula

Run between 3-5 kilometers, 3-5 days per week., in a comfortable rhythm. Run at every 2 days, for at least 30 minutes.

  1. Find your own rhythm

Many running beginners do not know what a comfortable rhythm means. Don’t force yourself because you will get too tired and  you will be discouraged.  It is hard to find the perfect rhythm. When you can speak with somebody while running, you will know that you founded your rhythm.

  1. Do not forget to warm and to relax

Famous fitness coaches recommend: walk fast for 5 minutes, then run in a comfortable rhythm. When you feel like you finished with warming, do not stop. Transform the running in walk again. After that is the perfect time for stretching.

  1. Do not hesitate to walk

Stop to run is not a form of cheating, contrary, is very specific for big athletes. You can mix the walk with the running in these situations: when you are a beginner, when you want to retrieve your form after a big pause, when you do your warm before to start to run and when you want to prolong the sport time.

  1. Be careful of your running style

The running style is like a footprint. Is is innate and very hard to be changed. But, in time you can make some changes. Run with your back straight and do not lean too far in front. Keep looking forward towards the horizon, not toward your feet. Try to maintain a constant effort, not necessarily at the same rhythm.

  1. Eat and drink properly

Runners should pay attention to several important things like:  weight control, because extra weight will slow you down; to eat easy with an hour before running; drink water before, while and after running.

There are many running tips but I think these are the most important and helpful. Enjoy your run!

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