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10 Tips To Prevent And Treat Cracked Heels

When summer comes, is very  unpleasant to confront the problem of cracked heels because in this season this problem occurs most frequently. Shoes and sandals with rigid soles, sun, sea water etc.  all contribute to worsening the situation. Today we offer 10 tips to prevent cracked heels and treat them if necessary:

1. Choose carefully your shoes ! – If your shoes are too high or too low, the risk of cracking your heels increases considerably.

2. Avoid wearing only sandals or slippers ! – The exposure of your feet to the external enviroment factors and  the friction of synthetic sole can affect your heels.

3. Avoid hot water! – Even if at the moment you feel really good,  hot water dries your skin and your heels you crack.

4. Use bath oils, mineral salts, bubble bath! – All these reduce the hardness of water and help  moisturize the heels and your whole body.

5. Use protection socks! – Any treatment ,cream or oil  you aplly on your toes, will work better if you cover the  foot with a pair of socks. For best results apply treatment tonight, put your socks and go to bed.

6.Be friend with coconut oil! – If you have problems with cracked heels, coconut oil should be present in your home. It moisturizes and softens the skin and, in addition, has anti-microbial proprieties, and calm irritations caused by infections. Apply it using the above method!

7. Exfoliate your heels! – Use a natural exfoliant made with cornmeal,  honey, apple vinegar and olive oil (as needed to obtain a thick paste). Apply the paste on the heels , leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then gently rub your heels with a pumice stone..

8.. Apply a mask for the feet! – When you prepare your fruit for face masks, prepare separately  fruits for a legs mask. Fruit enzymes help to remove dead cells and heal cracks. Aadd oil (olive, coconut, almonds, etc..) To avoid drying heels.

9. Be careful what you eat! – Make sure in your diet you will not miss foods rich in good fats – nuts, seeds, olive oil, etc.. They help maintain skin elasticity and hydration.

9. Watch your weight!

Miraculous Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Circles In 5 Steps

The skin around the eyes is very delicate and thin compared to the other areas of the face. It has no sebaceous glands and has a very fine texture. This area requires special care, because  it represents the the central point of our body which reflects any sign of aging or certain internal health problems.

Dark circles are formed due to many factors, as asthma or fever. Also, the lack of sleep or some important nutrients, like vitamin K may contribute to them. Here I present you some natural treatments you can use to reduce dark circles, to light the area and relax tired eyes.

Miraculous ways to get rid of dark circles in 5 steps

  1. Cucumber

This vegetable is a very good astringent, having light skin properties. So, take a fresh cucumber, cut it into thin slices and keep them in the freezer for 30 minutes. Apply the slices under the eyes and let them act for about 10 minutes. Rinse the area with water.

Another way to get rid of dark circles is to mix cucumber juice with lemon juice in equal quantities. Apply the mix you obtain on the affected area, wait for 15 minutes and rinse with water. Use this treatment for 1 week.

  1. Potato

Potatoes contain natural bleaching agents that help decongest the area under the eyes and illuminate it. Take 2 potatoes, cut them through the grater and filter the resulting juice in a glass with gauze. Soak a cotton pad and apply it on the eye. Make sure you cover the entire area around the eyes and eyelids. Let the potato juice act for about 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

  1. Tomatoes

Also the tomatoes are those kind of vegetables who have the property to lighten the skin. Mix 1 teaspoon of tomato juice with a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Apply the mix on dark circles with a piece of cotton wool and leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse the area with water. Use this remedy twice a day to reduce dark circles.

  1. Rose water

Rose water contains many active ingredients with toning and moisturizing properties. Rose water has a calming effect for the eye and a regenerating one for the skin around the eyes. Soak two cotton pads in rose water and the apply them on the eyelids for 15 minutes. This remedy helps you to get rid of dark circles permanently if you use it twice a day for several consecutive weeks.

  1. Almond oil

Almond oil is another natural ingredient for treating the delicate skin around the eyes. Use it regularly to lighten dark skin from the affected area. Before bedtime, use your fingers to apply almond oil on the dark circles and stretch it gently. Let it action overnight and rinse with cold water in the morning. You ca also use vitamin E.

Home Remedies To Remove Hair Under The Chin

For women, hair under the chin is one of the most annoying beauty problems. Unhealthy diets or wrong waxing methods could lead to hair under your chin, which surely you wouldn’t like. There are many phase old natural home remedies available for efficient removal of unwanted hair from different parts of the body.

They are without any side effects and are much cheaper than the methods available from beauty clinics.  Natural home remedies will definitely take a longer time to show results and hence you need to be patient when trying out these remedies. Luckily with these home remedies, you can remove hair under the chin, and be more comfortable when someone leans in to kiss you.

Home Remedies To Remove Hair Under The Chin

  1. The first remedy is also the easiest one, drink tea! Surprisingly, drinking spearmint tea is effective in reducing the level of androgen hormone in your body, a hormone that is mostly responsible for unwanted excessive hair. For this tea, add 1 teaspoon of dried spearmint leaves or 5 leaves of fresh spearmint to your boiling water. Wait for 6 minutes for your tea to become ready and drink it. By simply drinking this tea, you will surely realize decreases in the hair under your chin.
  2. After you wax your chin, the hair there can tend to become thicker and grow more. To prevent this, after you wax, spread a mixture of lemon and salt on the area. This will prevent the hair from becoming thicker and remove hair under the chin in time.
  3. Take 2 membranes of onions and crush them with 10 fresh basil leaves. This will form a paste. Spread this paste on the area that you have hair. With continuous use of this paste, the hair under your chin will reduce surely.
  4. Lastly, mix 1 egg white, corn flour and sugar in a bowl. Make sure that they are mixed properly and apply it to your skin. It’s important here that you thoroughly clean your skin beforehand for this solution to be effective. Wait for it to dry on your skin, once it dries massage your skin to peel of the mask slowly. You can apply this mask 4 times a week and it will remove hair under the chin.

Tricks to Drink More Water Every Day

Everybody knows the golden rule that we have to drink at least 2 litres of water per day. But for many of us is hard to drink so much water. In summer time, it is easier to drink more water because is hot outside and our body needs to be refreshed.

When winter is coming, we sometimes forget that water exist on this planet.

In this article you will find out some tricks that will help you to drink more water every day. We have to offer to our body the necessary quantity of water in a way or another.

Tricks to Drink More Water Every Day

  1. Flavoured water – in cold season, you are not tented to drink normal water. You can personalise the water that you drink, by adding slices of lemon, orange or grapefruit, leaves of mint, lavender etc. All you need is imagination.
  2. A new habit – drink a glass of water after every time you go to toilet. In this way you will never forget to drink water. Also, every time you go through the kitchen, refill your glass.
  3. Drink water before every meal – in this way you will drink at least 3 glasses of water per day for sure. In addition, you will eat less ( this is what the studies shows). This is a new habit that you can easily apply it, starting today.
  4. Count the quantity of water that you drink – You don’t know how much water drink every day? Start counting. Is is not unusual. Make a priority of that because it is important to know how much more water you should drink.
  5. Sweet drinks – If it is usual for you to drink juices, in order to hydrate you, dilute these juices with water. You can also add ice cubes.
  6. Keep the water handy – Find a glass bottle that you like it very much and take care to be full of water and to have it constantly with you.
  7. Eat aliments rich in water – try to eat more soups, but if you don’t like them, there are other aliments like cucumbers, citrus or melons.

Miraculous Drink That Will Help You To Get Rid Of 5 Kilograms

It’s not so hard to get rid of unwanted kilograms if you adopt a healthy life style, by eating healthy aliments, drink natural juices, water and make sport daily. It’s important to have ambition and to educate yourself. In this article I will provide you a miraculous drink that will help you to get rid of 5 kilograms.

This miraculous drink is very healthy and in based on borscht. Borscht is a natural product obtained by fermentation of wheat bran. It is rich in active enzymes and vitamins, especially B’s, minerals (selenium, chromium) and essential amino acids. It is used not only to flavor soups, it is also used in slimming diets as a food or as a useful adjunct to maintain health.

It is a sour and dietary liquid. Has 7.7 calories per 100 ml and is a natural tonic. It has a purifying the body role and cure some diseases. At the same time it helps to regulate metabolism and digestion.

Ingredients for miraculous drink:

– 1 kg wheat bran

– 9 liters hot water

– 200 g  corn flour

– 200 g bran (bran used in other borscht) or 20 g  of yeast

–  fresh or dry dill/lovage

How to prepare miraculous drink: Mix the wheat bran with corn flour and bran used in other borscht. Add 1 liter of warm water. If you use yeast, leave it to rise for about 30 minutes. Add the dill. Pour the rest of the warm water. Cover the  bowl with cheesecloth and leave it to sour at room temperature for four days. In the beginning stir several times with a wooden spoon. After get sour, filter the drink, put it in bottles and store it in the refrigerator. The vessel where you prepare the  borscht  should be of glass or clay.

You will see the results of borscht diet if you keep it for 3 weeks and after a pause of 7 days, you will keep it again. Drink the borscht every day, with 15 minutes before you eat. Gradually, increase the number of cups from day to day, until you will drink 7 cups per day.

DIY Healthy Smoothie Against Cellulite

This healthy  smoothie that fights against cellulite is very easy to make.  It’s a green smoothie and contains only two ingredients. This smoothie will help you to get rid of cellulite very fast.

Of course, you also need to do sport and take care  your body. In order to get rid of cellulite you can prepare some treatments at home.

Ingredients for  healthy smoothie against cellulite:

  • 4 kiwi
  • 1 orange

Preparation: Peel and chop the kiwi and the orange. Put the fruits in a blender. Pour 1 cup of water. Mix again until gets smooth.

The benefits of  this healthy smoothie against cellulite:

  • due to high concentration of soluble fiber, that transform the fruits in natural laxatives, help to eliminate the cellulite and burn the fats.
  • stimulates gallbladder emptying
  • orange pulp is meant for lowering cholesterol
  • help in fighting with infectious diseases
  • the folic acid from these fruits helps in developing nervous system of the fetus, so it can be consumed by the pregnant women
  • the oranges contain low sugar amounts making them ideal in the fight against cellulite and extra weight. They are tolerated even by diabetics.
  • kiwi enrich the blood with iron and and thus fight with anemia
  • this healthy smoothie is rich in Vitamin C that fights against cancer
  • Keep you away from thrombosis, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease


  • Try to drink fresh this healthy smoothie. If you do not drink it fresh, it will lose of its effectiveness.
  • If you want to lose weight and get rid of cellulite you shouldn’t consume just smoothies. These contains a big quantity of fruits that you couldn’t be able to eat them in reality. Large amounts of smoothies are indicated for persons in convalescence or persons who have large gaps of vitamins.

How to DETOX Your Hair

In time, your hair gathered memories, deposits of dust and pollution. It’s not enough just to wash it, like your skin, from time to time you have to detox your hair. In this article you will find out how to detox your hair step by step.

When it comes to beauty of hair, women are capable to do many things to have it strong, healthy and beautiful. These information will help you to take care correctly of your hair.

Wash your hair very well – Hair follicles can accumulate sebum, dirt and styling products, so you have to wash your hair very well. Instead of putting shampoo on the top of your head, start from the neck where hair always accumulates perspiration and become fat very fast.

Natural Treatment with Baking Soda – Baking soda is so useful that shouldn’t miss from your house. You can use it with confidence and when it comes to cleaning your hair. Add a tablespoon of baking soda in shampoo in your palm, wash and rinse it well.

Natural Conditioner – Olive Oil – Heat a tablespoon of olive oil. Apply it on your dry hair. Cover your head with a bag and leave it 20 minutes, then wash with shampoo.

Apply a Detox Mask- Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and half of teaspoon of cinnamon. Massage your scalp using circular moves with this mixture. Cover your head with a bag and leave it 10-15 minutes, then wash.

Eggs- a Natural Treatment – eggs are rich in proteins and amino acids. Help your hair to regain its strength, shine and volume, preventing breakage. Mix one egg with a little shampoo and wash as you normally do. Let him rest 5 minutes, then remove it very well.

How to Make Alkaline Water at Home

Alkaline water differs from the ordinary by having a higher pH, and this difference makes it great for health and beauty. Detoxifies, moisturizes and has many other benefits.

Regular water has 7 pH  and alkaline water has 9 or 10 pH , and from here start a lot of benefits that have brought fame to the fountain of youth and champion of hydration. The taste is the same, only the effects are different.

In this article you will find put how to make alkaline water at home and its benefits for out health and beauty.

How to Make Alkaline Water at Home

In a big glass jar, add drinkable water and add 1 teaspoon of baking soda. pH you need to obtain should be somewhere between 8.5 and 9%. You can measure the pH with a special device that you can buy it from a store where they sell pools. If you do not have this pH, add baking-soda.

A much simpler way to obtain alkaline water is to fill a glass container with drinking water in which you put a lemon cut into 8 equal parts (without squeezing pieces). Cover the container and leave it at room temperature for 8-12 hours.

The benefits of alkaline water

Hydration – Alkaline water molecules penetrate body tissues more quickly, helping the body to make a much better hydration and faster than usual.

Detoxifying – Alkaline water has the ability to neutralize the acidity from the body and to remove toxins and cleanse the body’s cells and tissues, to allow their regeneration and renewal in order to ensure a smooth functioning of the body.

Oxygenates – Due to its antioxidant properties, alkaline water can neutralize and effectively block the negative action of free radicals, then transforms them into oxygen that body can use to produce energy. Why is this so important? Because cancer cells can not survive in an oxygenated, alkaline environment.

Beautiful and healthier skin and hair –  Alkaline water is an excellent treatment for acne, remove fat from the face, moisturize dry skin and prevents premature aging. If you rinse your hair with alkaline water, it will balance the pH level which often suffers because of shampoos.

Natural Remedies For Bad Breath – Forget About Bad Breath

Studies show that 40% of the population suffers at least once in a lifetime of halitosis ( or simply said: bad breath). In most of the cases, bad breath origins are in the mouth. Its intensity varies throughout the day, depending on food intake, smoking and alcohol consumption that are also decisive factors.

Halitosis (bad breath) can be fought successfully through herbal preparations. It’s very unpleasant to confront with bad breath. At work, meetings, parties etc. you have to socialize and speak to people and you always need to have a fresh breath. In this article you will find natural remedies for bad breath.

An old quote says that it is easier to prevent, that to combat. So, to avoid the bad breath problem, it is important to follow some basic rules in oral hygiene. Regular tooth brushing at least two times a day, brushing the tongue, flossing (floss) and mouthwash are the essential steps in maintaining oral health.

Natural remedies for bad breath 

Plant mixture for internal use: Cumin fruits (20 g), eucalyptus leaves (20 g), fennel fruit (20 g), bay leaves (20 g), peppermint leaves (30 g), anise fruit(30 g). How to prepare:  Keep all the mixture ( dried and ground) in a 1 liter of red wine and 200 ml of alcohol ( 70 degrees) for 10 days. Drink  every day 3 small glasses of this mixture.

Nuts: Mix 3 nut leave with 250 ml of water. Boil 5 minutes. Rinse your mouth with this mixture after every meal.

Rosemary: Repeat the same procedure as with nut leaves, but use 1 tablespoon of rosemary leaves.

Thyme: Mix 2 tablespoon of thyme with 250 ml of water and boil for 5-10 minutes. Leave the mixture to infuse for 15 minutes. Rinse your mouth after every meal with this mixture.

Plant mixture for external use: Yarrow flowers (15 g), calamus rhizomes (10g),  chamomile flowers (10 g) and fenugreek fruit(10 g). Prepare a tea and rinse your mouth after every meal.



Best Natural Masks to Remove Facial Hair

Facial hair represent for many women a headache. Facial hair is never welcomed, but always reappear. When we remove it, it hurts, we irritate our skin and is very unpleasant.

Depending of the structure of the hair and skin color, facial hair can turn into a real displeasure. Facial hair is visible especially on brunettes women. If you are unhappy of this facial hair problem, the good news is that you have access to a lot of effective ways to get rid of facial hair.

In this article I will provide you the best natural masks that will help you to get rid of  the unwanted facial hair. These masks are easy to prepared and the effects are great.

Best Natural Masks to Remove Facial Hair

  1. Natural Mask with Turmeric

Turmeric is an indian spice, with no so accentuated taste and smell. Is is used not only in food recipes, but also in beauty recipes. Turmeric slows the hair grow, that’s why Indian women use it frequently, in order to remove facial hair. Mix turmeric with water, until you obtain a paste. Apply it on your face and leave it until it dries. After you remove it, you will notice that a part of your hair disappeared. repeat this treatment constantly.

  1. Natural Mask with Potato Juice and Red Lentils

Mix the juice from 2-3 potatoes with red lentils puree, 4 tablespoons of lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey. Apply it on your face and leave it until is dried. Remove it by massage your face with circular moves.

  1. Natural Mask with Sugar and Honey

This mask act like wax. In a bowl, mix one tablespoon of sugar with one tablespoon of honey and some drops of lemon juice. Heat this mixture at microwave for 3 minutes. When the paste get cold a little bit, apply it on your face. Remove it as you use wax.


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