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Say Goodbye to Yellow Nails In One Day

Yellow nails are a very common and unaesthetic problem for many women. One of the most important aspects of personal care are nails. Beautiful nails means that you have respect for yourself. The natural colour of your nails is light pink. Any change of colour can indicate a health problem or a deficiency in beauty care.

Yellow nails problem can be caused by many factors as: excessive smoking, nail polish, medical problems, infections, etc. In this article you will find out the fastest and effective remedies to get rid of yellow nails.

Say Goodbye to Yellow Nails – The fastest remedies

  1. Mix 4 teaspoons of baking soda with one teaspoon of water. Homogenise the mixture until you obtain a paste. Rub your nails with this paste, using a toothbrush. You will notice that your nails will become whiter.
  2. Another great remedy that guarantee the same effect is to mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil with 1/2 glass of tomato juice. Pour the mixture in a big bowl and soak your nail in it for 10 minutes.
  3. You can also get rid of yellow nails using lemon juice. Keep your nails soaked for 10 minutes in lemon juice and your nails will be white.
  4. Tea tree oil – This oil is an excellent antiseptic for both nails and cuticles. If you use it consistently, it eliminates and prevents the appearance of yellow nails.
  5. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the best remedies against yellow nails. In contrast with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide should be used more days in a row to see the results. Soak your nails in hydrogen peroxide for 5 minutes, 3 days in a row. After you keep them 5 minutes, rub your nails using a brush.
  6. Prepare a mixture with equal quantities of apple vinegar and warm water. Soak your nails in this mixture for 15-20 minutes. Repeat this process 3 times per day and you nails will become whiter.

Where to Apply Perfume to Make It Last Longer

No matter if you use just one brand of perfume or you like to experiment more fragrances of perfume, one things is sure: your perfume has to last all day long. In order to make your perfume to last all day, you have to know where to apply it. In this article you will find out how to use your perfume correctly.

The more often, we apply perfume in neck and cleavage area.  But there are other places that you didn’t think about them, and I recommend you to explore them. You have to know that perfume action 100% in the warm and very warm places on your body.

Where to Apply Perfume to Make It Last Longer

  1. Behind the ears – The ares behind your ears is very warm because veins and capillary are very close to the skin. In this way, they generate heat and multiply the scent of your perfume.
  2. On the back area –  I know it sounds strange, but experts recommend to apply perfume on the lower back. In this way, the smell of your perfume will not be violent and the persons you interact with will not be hit of the fragrance. When you will pass through a room, you will leave a trace of perfume behind you.
  3. On your hair – Perfume last longer on your hair than on your skin. Spray your hair brush with perfume and then normally brush your hair. Be careful! Alcohol dries the hair, so do not spray perfume directly on your hair.
  4. On your wrists – This is another warm area from your body. On the wrists area you can feel very well your pulse, so your perfume will emanate a very strong smell. For a maximum effect, before you apply the perfume, moisturise your skin.
  5. On belly area- This trick will never disappoint you.

Why You Shouldn’t Go To Sleep With Wet Hair?

I’m sure that several times it happens to go to bed with your hair still wet. There are many persons that never use to dry their hair with hair drier and leave it to dries naturally. Even many people think that going to sleep with wet hair can be a normal and an inoffensive thing, actually this habit can have negative effects for your health and for your health of your hair. In this article you will find out why you shouldn’t go to sleep with wet hair and why is better you dry it.

Why You Shouldn’t Go To Sleep With Wet Hair?

  1. Headaches –during the sleep, the body’s temperature increases. Humidity and high temperature can cause you headaches.
  2. Create favourable conditions for infections –pillows are a source of bacteria and mites. In addition, they absorb sweat, dead skin cells and natural oils from the hair. When you sleep with wet hair, you simply create an environment for bacterial growth.
  3. Hair loss – wet hair is very sensitive and it easily breaks. So, if you sleep with wet hair is more probable to lose more hair than usual.

Another important things to know when you have wet hair: 

– do not catch your hair. While is drying, your hair become shorter. In this way you risk to break your hairs. Wait your hair to be dried and then you can catch it.
– wet hair is 3 times more fragile than dry hair, so it is not recommended to brush it after you washed it

– instead of cotton pillowcases, use silk pillowcases. Cotton absorb humidity and your hair dehydrate too much overnight. In plus you will have less wrinkles!


Fabulous Tips for How to Treat Oily Hair

Oily hair is a big problem for many women and men. It is so unpleasant that after so few time after you washed your hair, it become oily and you have to wash it again. I’m sure that you tried different treatments from the market.

In cold season, our hair suffer very much because of low temperatures, wind and humidity. So, your hair lose its shine, softness and elasticity. Moreover, the scalp secret more sebum as always and our hair is oily almost all the time. In this article I will help you with some useful tips for how to treat oily hair.

Fabulous Tips for How to Treat Oily Hair

– Aloe Vera Gel – One of the most effective natural treatments against oily hair against oily hair. Pour 1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera Gel and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice in your shampoo. Wash your hair as usual and before to rinse it with warm water, leave the ingredients on your hair for a couple of minutes.

– Egg Yolk – This ingredients deeply nourishes the hair and helps in eliminating the excess of sebum. This is an old remedy that even our grandmothers used it and it works very good. All you need 2 egg yolks and one teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix well the ingredients and apply the obtained mixture on your wet hair. Gently massage your hair and leave the mixture to act for 3o minutes. Rinse your hair with warm water. Repeat this treatment 2 times per week.

– Apple vinegar – In a cup of water, add 2-3 teaspoons of apple vinegar and mix well. Rinse your hair with this solution every time you wash your hair and will see that your will not be oily anymore.

– Baby Powder – If you don’t have time to wash your hair, baby powder can be used as a dry shampoo. Apply baby powder on your hair, leave it to act for a couple of minutes and the remove it using a hair drier at low temperatures. The powder will absorb the sebum.

– Green tea – After you washed your hair, rinse it with green tea, leave it to act 30 minutes and then rinse your hair again. Green tea will equilibrate the sebum secretion.




Find Out Your Skin Type

There are several types of skin varying from oily, dry, and normal to combinations between them. However, the types of skin depends on various factors including age, genetics, and illness. It is essential to know your skin type because it will help you choose your skin care products wisely.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

All products are manufactured considering a specific skin type. A skin care product used for unsuitable skin can yield no results and sometimes lead to negative consequences. We have come up with some points that may help identify your skin type. In this article you will find out your skin type.

Find Out Your Skin Type

Normal skin

It has good balance of moisture, small pores, and even tone. You really don’t have to worry about normal skin unless you’re exposing it to the sun. In which case, you need to take adequate preventive measures before you go out in the sun.

Oily skin

You can identify this type if you find excessive sebum (oil) secreting from your skin. It is common to get greasy within a few minutes of washing your face. People with oily skin need to avoid moisturizer, but they still need to use sunscreen if they’re going to expose their skin to the sun.

Dry skin

Contrary to the oily skin, dry skin has little or no moisture in their skin. People with dry skin feel a sensation of tightness on their face and their skin is often irritated. You may also notice flaking in extreme cases, but not a common symptom. Use a gentle soap-free cleanser and moisturize regularly, to take care of your dry skin.

Combination skin

Combination skin is a blend of both oily and dry skin. People with combination skin usually find that their oily skin is concentrated in the T-zone, while their cheeks remain dry. A mild cleanser and moisturizer may be needed on the cheeks, while an anti-acne product with benzoyl peroxide might be necessary on the T-zone.[/expand]

Why Is Good To Wash Your Feet With Red Wine

I know it sounds very strange, but it’s time to find out that is good to wash your feet with red wine. This procedure will help you to get rid of an unpleasant and very common problem that many people confront with it.

Even this procedure is very uncommon, if you think a little bit, wine is made from grapes, so this is a natural method. So, again nature is by your side to take care of your health and beauty.

Find out why is good to wash your feet with red wine:

Feet excessive sweating is a very unpleasant problem which confront both women and men. In order to get rid of feet excessive sweating, today I will provide you a natural treatment.


– sage leaves

– red wine

– baking soda

– water

Procedure: In a recipient, pour 1 litre of water. Then, add 30 g of sage leaves. Leave it to macerated 7 days and mix the recipient one time per day. After 7 days put water in a big recipient where you can wash your feet. In that water pour 1 cup of the red wine mixture and 1 teaspoon of baking soda.

In this way you will get rid of feet excessive sweating.

What Does Your Lipstick Shade Say About You?

There are many ways to find out things about personality of a person. Although seems weird, in this article we will use “the beauty side” to help you to find out things about you or other persons, having in mind your lipstick shade.

Red, pink, purple, natural… there are some many colours for lipsticks. But every women prefer a specific shade and it is said that the colour of your favourite lipstick says something about your personality. Even the shape of your lipstick says a lot about you, but in this article we will talk about colours. Let’s find out more.

What Does Your Lipstick Shade Say About You? 

  1. Light red – You are a discreet person. This choice says about you that you are quite individualistic person, but does not make you boring. You pay great attention to personal life and you respect it.
  2. Scarlet red – You are a person with high self- confidence, but very passional. You like to be admired by others and you do not mind at all if others see your sensual side.
  3. Purple – You like to have control, even you are not doing this intentionally. You’re not necessarily a person to show off its capabilities, but you know exactly what you’re doing. You are organised and patient. You prefer to plan everything very carefully before taking decisions.
  4. Peach colour –You’re a good, gentle and generous person. You value your family and friends and you are always by their side when they need support. You like to offer your time and energy to others.
  5. Baby pink – You desire that others to think of you as “adorable”. You like cute things in general, which have a very nice and tidy aspect. You have a weakness for children and animals.
  6. Unusual colours: blue, green, yellow– If you don’t fear to wear such a colour on your lips, then surely you’re an extremely creative person with a very vivid imagination. Art plays an important role in your life and you like to think freely.
  7. Black– Doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a negative person, but it shows a darker side of you. You have a  macabre humor  and it’s  not easy to find something to amuse you.



How to Apply Concealer Correctly

Today you will find out how to apply concealer correctly. Makeup plays an important role in increasing beauty of a women. In makeup kit concealer is a major part which allows to hide any tone differences your face might have and make sure your whole face is in the same tone.

By doing so, the concealer has the potential to increase your beauty while decreasing your flaws. For your beauty comfort we try our best to choose some of the perfect and most reliable tricks for applying and selecting concealers that will surely help you a lot. So please have a look at our best techniques of applying concealer correctly.

How to Apply Concealer Correctly

  1. First of all, you have to clean your skin nicely and maybe even apply your face cream before you apply the concealer. This trick to applying concealer correctly will allow your concealer to spread out evenly and nicely, preventing the flaky image concealers from when applied to a rough skin.
  2. While applying the concealer, a common misconception is applying it with fingertips. This is a wrong method and if you want to have the image you are going for, use brushes or cotton pads. Don’t forget that those brushes are designed to create a more natural look with your concealer.
  3. If you are using a concealer that needs to be applied from inside to outside, use these only for your pouches and eyelids. Later on you should use your foundation and powder to make your concealer more permanent.
  4. If you are still not getting what you want with your concealer, we advise the usage of pen shaped concealers. These concealers will both be easier to apply to smaller areas, they will also create a gentler look, exactly what you should get by applying concealer correctly.
  5. Lastly, for the selection of the tone of your concealer, choose a concealer whose tone is 1 tone lighter than your foundation. If you are using the concealer to hide any pimple, it would make a great difference if you choose concealers that have a tone of yellow in them.

Top 5 Homemade Natural Remedies Against Freckles

Freckles are not a disease or a syndrome. In general, freckles appear at children with blonde and red hair and rarely at dark-haired ones. The cause of freckles apparition is an abnormally pigmentation of basal cells of the epidermis.

These cells contains melanin, also known as skin pigment. When the skin is exposed to sun, the freckles appear. Freckles can’t be completely removed, but you can diminish them. You can solve this problem by using natural ingredients from your kitchen.

  1. Onion against freckles

Cut a red onion in half. Take a half of onion and rub it on the ares affected by freckles. Repeat this procedure every day. If you don’t agree the onion smell, you can try other natural remedies. But it think it’s worth to try this remedy.

  1. Cucumber juice against freckles
  • Cucumbers contain a high quantity of sulfur that limits the appearance of brown spots and freckles. Apply on your face cucumber juice and leave it to action 20-30 minutes. If you constantly repeat this treatment, you will see great results.
  • Pour 500 ml of milk over 2-3 chopped cucumbers. Leave the composition to soak 3 days. Apply this tonic on your face 1-2 times per day
  1. Lemon juice against freckles
  • Apply lemon juice on the ares affected by freckles. Leave it to action 30 minutes, and then rinse with cold water.
  • Prepare a paste with 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply the paste on the affected areas and leave it to action 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water.
  • Mix lemon juice with salt and apply it on the freckles
  • Mix lemon juice with cucumber juice. Apply it on affected areas an leave it to action 20 minutes.
  1. Dairy against freckles
  • Apply on your face sour milk or yogurt. If you have oily skin, pour some lemon juice in the milk or yogurt. You will see amazing results
  • Mix lemon juice with hydrogen peroxide. Apply it just on the affected areas
  1. Essential oils against freckles

Apply on the affected areas a drop of carrot essential oil and a drop of celery essential oil. Apply these essential oils daily.

How To Make Natural Bleach For Clothes

The stains from white clothes are inevitable, especially if you do your make-up every day or if you have a small child. The chemical products from the market can be harmful to skin, especially if you’re allergic or  you just have a sensitive skin. Moreover, if you have a small child, I recommend you to prepare a homemade natural bleach for clothes.

The blench from the market can cause you respiratory problems and the emanating vapors should never be inhaled. I’m sure it happened to drop bleach on your skin and you felt a burn sensation. During the washing process, bleach is mixing with other chemical products and become more harmful.

To avoid all this disadvantages, in this article you will learn how to make natural bleach for clothes at home, using natural ingredients. It’s very simple to prepare it. Another advantage is that is healthy.

Ingredients for natural bleach: 

– 360 ml of hydrogen peroxide with 3% concentration

– 120 ml of lemon juice

– 1 tablespoon of citric acid (this ingredient is optional, but if want to get rid of hard water problem, it is recommended to use it)

– distilled water

– 10-30 drops of essential lemon oil

How to make natural bleach for clothes: 

  1. Put all the ingredients in a plastic bottle with 1 liter capacity, except the distilled water
  2. Mix well until the citric acid is completely dissolved
  3. Add distilled water until you fill the bottle.

You will obtain white clothes if you follow some advice:

– if you deal with a difficult stain, use a spray bottle and apply the natural bleach on the stain. Leave it to act over night. Next day when you wash the cloth, add 50 ml of natural blench in the washing machine.


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