Natural Tricks to Sweat Less

Sweat and excessive sweat is one of the most unpleasant things. No matter of the season, we sweat. But some people sweat too much and is very uncomfortable. In this article you will find out how to use some natural tricks to sweat less.

Sweating phenomenon is therefore completely a normal mechanism, which helps the body to regulate its temperature. We can’t forget about the embarrassing moments when visible traces of sweat or odor is an unwelcome “business card”.

An adult in a normal day, sweat about one litre per day. In case of more intense physical activities (going to the gym, for example), the amount of sweat increases. But it happens to sweat more than 1 liter per day and you have to use different methods to resolve this problem.

Avoid spicy food – When you eat spicy food, you sweat more than normal because body needs to regulate its temperature. So, to sweat less, avoid to eat spicy food.

Avoid products that contain caffeine – Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and activates the sweat glands. The more coffee you drink, especially if it is hot, the more you higher your chances of sweat.

Wear cotton clothes – If you wear synthetic material like polyester or acrilic the sweat will not be absorbed. Try to wear only cotton, silk or other material that absorb the sweat.

Reduce the quantity of salt – When you eat too much salt, the body try to get rid of the excessive sodium and eliminates it through sweat.

Apply the deodorant several times per day – Do not use the deodorant only in the morning, or when you feel you start to smell. It is more effective to apply the deodorant on the dry skin.


– Squeeze lemon juice and apply it on your underarms. Lemon juice will be absorbed by the skin and will sweat less

– Apply apple vinegar on your underarms before you go to sleep in the morning, wash with soap and water. You will notice that you sweat less