Natural Tips&Tricks That Make The Tan Last Longer

I sure that every woman would like if her tan will last longer, so I suggest you some natural tips& tricks!

For a long lasting tan, one of the most important things you need to consider is hydration. Hydration helps to regenerate skin cells, keep the skin suppleness and you tan will look better. Hydration is more necessary because was exposed at sunlight.


  • Argan oil( cold pressed) is a good natural ally nourish and regenerate the skin. Have a calming effect and maintain the tan longer. Apply the oil on your body every night.
  • Unrefined cocoa butter is always included in the beach cosmetics designed to bronze fixing. Use the butter every day. It also have a lot of proprieties for body.
  • You can prepare at home a natural moisturizer withjojoba oil and Aloe Vera gel. Mix these ingredients with 4 capsules of Vitamin E.
  • Sweet almond oil moisturizes deep the skin. Apply it on your wet body it after every shower.

Carrots for a long lasting tan

Beta Carotene is the substance that gives to the carrot the orange color. Helps  to synthesize  the melanin, the pigment that gives  to the skin a dark shade. Carrots are the basic ingredient that helps your tan to last longer.


  • Prepare at home a natural carrot oil. Grate 3 carrots and pour 5 spoons of jojoba oil. Put this mixture in a container at the fridge. Leave it 15 hour, am some time shake the mixture. After that, filer the mixture. Apply the obtaining oil on your body.
  • Prepare at home a natural mask with carrots. Using the juicer machine, make a carrot juice with 3 carrots. Mix the juice with 3 spoons of yogurt. Apply the mask on your skin and leave it 15 minutes. You can use this mask weekly.
  • For body, you can use the essential carrot oil, but diluted with olive oil. Put 8 drops of carrot oil in 50 ml of olive oil. Apply the mixture on your body. Rinse it after 10 minutes.