Natural Remedies For Dry Or Cracked Lips

Lips are a sensitive area where smoother skin  can be easily damaged. Indeed winter is the season when  lips are the most affected, but in any other season you can wake up with dry and chapped lips. Whether the wind blows or you stay too long in the sun and do not moisturize your lips, regardless of the circumstances it is good  during the year to take care of your lips.

Hydration is primordial – Natural remedies for lips ranks second after hydration. If you do not drink enough water and other fluids daily (soup, tea) all the trataments or creams are useless. As long as the situation is not resolved internally, all the external treataments have no effect. Besides liquid, consume vegetables and fruits rich in water.

Remedies for dry or cracked lips – For beautiful, healthy and free from cracks  lips, it’s best to follow a routine of care. Once a week apply a light scrub on your lips. But you have to be gentle, do not apply much pressure. You can do this with  sugar moist (but not melted) or wet corn. If you have a worn toothbrush to not throw it use it to clean the dead cells from the lips. For soft, smooth and healthy lips try at home one of the natural remedies described below. After making any treatment on the lips, remove them with a cotton pad soaked in warm water.

1. When you stay in the house put honey on your lips and leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

2. Put olive oil on your lips, or you can mix the oil with the honey; Leave it  on for 10-15 minute

3. Try aloe vera gel on your lips.

4. For chapped lips is very good calendula cream.

5. Coconut oil is also very beneficial for the lips.

6. Glycerin is beneficial forthe lips and dry skin.

7. For chapped lips is very good the castor oil.

8. You can put on your lips some cream( for cooking)- for 15-30 minutes.

In closing,  very useful simple tips if they are followed:

Do not bite your chapped  lips and do not break the dry husks .

Give up of the habit of licking your lips.

Use a lip balm when you get out that you also can use it on your lips at night.

If you expose yourself to the sun,  apply on your lips a lip balm with UV protection.