Miracle Drink That Will Help You To Quit Smoking

Smoking is responsible for many diseases such as cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, heart disease and premature death. When a person will stop smoking, will quickly notice improvements at physical and health level. I know it is hard to quit smoking, but is not impossible.

I heard a lot of smokers how they try to stop smoking and they fail. Quit smoking can be one of the hardest things, because is an addiction. Smoking contract blood vessels so, after a person will quit smoking, blood begins to circulate more easily.

In this article I will provide you a recipe that will help you to quit smoking. This miracle drink is very easy to be prepared, cheap and very effective.


– 1 teaspoon of baking soda

– 250 ml of water

Procedure: Mix the ingredients until baking soda is completely dissolved. Every time you feel you want to smoke, rinse your mouth with this mixture and then swallow. You can keep this mixture in a bottle and you can drink it everywhere and anytime you feel the need to smoke.

Maybe you will be reticent to use this method, but I can assure you that after the first try, the need to smoke will be diminish. After few days, you will notice that you will don’t want to smoke anymore.

Due to its amazing proprieties, baking soda acts as an inhibitor of the desire to smoke, helping the body to eliminate the accumulation of harmful substances, which captured the entire body over the years you have smoked. While you drink this mixture, I recommend you to eat very well and healthy, but also to make sport daily.