How To Make Natural Bleach For Clothes

The stains from white clothes are inevitable, especially if you do your make-up every day or if you have a small child. The chemical products from the market can be harmful to skin, especially if you’re allergic or  you just have a sensitive skin. Moreover, if you have a small child, I recommend you to prepare a homemade natural bleach for clothes.

The blench from the market can cause you respiratory problems and the emanating vapors should never be inhaled. I’m sure it happened to drop bleach on your skin and you felt a burn sensation. During the washing process, bleach is mixing with other chemical products and become more harmful.

To avoid all this disadvantages, in this article you will learn how to make natural bleach for clothes at home, using natural ingredients. It’s very simple to prepare it. Another advantage is that is healthy.

Ingredients for natural bleach: 

– 360 ml of hydrogen peroxide with 3% concentration

– 120 ml of lemon juice

– 1 tablespoon of citric acid (this ingredient is optional, but if want to get rid of hard water problem, it is recommended to use it)

– distilled water

– 10-30 drops of essential lemon oil

How to make natural bleach for clothes: 

  1. Put all the ingredients in a plastic bottle with 1 liter capacity, except the distilled water
  2. Mix well until the citric acid is completely dissolved
  3. Add distilled water until you fill the bottle.

You will obtain white clothes if you follow some advice:

– if you deal with a difficult stain, use a spray bottle and apply the natural bleach on the stain. Leave it to act over night. Next day when you wash the cloth, add 50 ml of natural blench in the washing machine.