How To Do Your Make-up Depending On Your Eyes Color

Pink, purple, blue, green… so many colors and I’m sure you think a lot how to do your make-up. Palette is so rich in colors, so the make-up kit can become your best friend if you know how to choose the right color combination for your eyes. Although there are many colors we can choose, we have to know how to use them in order to highlight our strengths. For every type of iris ( brown, blue, green or black) there a certain types of colors that suits it best.  As long as you will do your make-up using the recommended colors, you will look perfect. I will present you how to do your make-up depending on your eye color.

  1. How to do your make-up for brown eyes

Brown eyes are the most common, but it doesn’t mean that aren’t special, on the contrary. Make-up artists consider that the women with brown eyes are very lucky, because they can use a wide range of colors for make-up. You can highlight your eyes using colors like green, golden, violet, pink and blue. For a natural look you can use light shades. You should avoid colors like white, yellow or grey. These colors will make your eyes to look smaller.

  1. How to do your make-up for green eyes

Green eyes mean a sensual look, if you know how to obtain it. Use with confidence colors like purple, brown, bronze, light pink and cream. These colors highlight your green eyes. You should avoid colors like blue and green. You can use a brown eyeliner or a black ink on the upper eyelid. Also, you can opt for a smokey-eye make-up.

  1. How to do your make-up for blue eyes

Blue eyes are more spectacular when you know how to highlight them. You should use colors like pink, gold, brown, silver, grey, beige and purple. Blue is not recommended at all. Also you can use a black or brown eyeliner.

  1. How to do your make-up for black eyes

Black eyes are special and very rare to find. You will succeed to highlight them using dark colors like dark blue, black, grey and purple. The advantage is that you can also use lighter shades like because it harmonizes with the iris, eyebrows and eyelashes. You can use black ink or eyeliner. Also you can try a green eyeliner.