Lose Up To 3 Pounds In 7 days With Cucumber And Egg Weight Loss Diet

Nowadays, most people want to lose weight. The cucumber and egg diet is especially designed for those who want to lose a few pounds fast. Of course, we’re not talking about five pounds because, as you know, it’s not healthy to lose weight a lot at once.

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So it’s advisable not to exaggerate and choose diets … wise, if we can say so. For example, those that are focused on fruits and vegetables are great, even if it’s difficult to have such a regime. You will benefit from intense detoxification and your body will be fortified.

Because not surgery or drastic diets are the answer, we will present you cucumber and egg diet, an unbeatable combination when it comes to slimming. It’s rather a “secret” about nutrition that you have to put into practice. So don’t be afraid, because these foods rich in protein will help you boost your metabolism.


We have to admit that the regime is a bit more drastic. So if you know you have a health problem, don’t try this diet!

Diet with cucumbers and eggs

Basically, your daily diet during this week will be composed of raw cucumbers and 2 eggs a day. Besides, you are also allowed to eat low-fat cheese, grapefruit, raw and red vegetable salads.

So in the first days (or the first week if you want to keep 14 or 21 days) you will have to eat the following way:


– 1 egg (cook as you wish, without oil) and a cup of unsweetened tea or coffee and a grapefruit.


– 1 boiled egg and  a salad of raw and cucumbers


– just a cucumber salad

Of course, in the diet with cucumbers and eggs the biggest challenge will be … hunger. As you can see, it’s more restrictive than others. You can drink water or tea, or you can eat a raw cucumber, between meals as a snack.

There are also good news. Only the first week is harder, after that you will be allowed to introduce cabbage, spinach, a little beef and more (at noon). You will cook them as simple as possible, and the meat will be grilled with lemon. In the evening try to eat as little as possible. You will see that the effort will worth it, and you will lose weight considerably.