How to remove scratches from a mirror

Did you discover that your mirror doesn’t reproduce the perfect picture because it has scratches that are noticeable especially when the light is reflected on it?[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

You don’t need to change the mirror for this reason because there are remedies that help make your mirror look like new:

– Toothpaste can be used successfully to get rid of fine scratches on the mirror; use the paste, not gel, applied directly on the scratch. Using the finger, massage the area. Then,  wipe the mirror using a cotton cloth.

– Mustard and vinegar is another solution to get rid of this problem. Prepare a paste from the mixture of vinegar and mustard powder and apply it on the scratches. Allow it to act for a few minutes and then clean it with care, with a soft cotton cloth.

– Cerium oxide is very effective and cheap when is used on many surfaces. It costs a little bit more than the other solutions, but if you have many surfaces to polish, it is the best solution.

These tricks are amazing for fine scratches, but if the mirror is crafted, with deeper scratches, a professional’s advice is recommended.[/expand]