How to remove bad odor from shoes

Over time, the footwear gets a bad odor, no matter how good you apply foot hygiene and whether you’re wearing or not socks. The problem can be solved easily with the help of a powder you can do right at home! Let’s find out how you can remove bad odor from shoes using a very cheap and simple solution.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]


– a sandwich box or bag;

– baking soda;

– corn starch;

– essential oil, according to preference.


1. Pour 1/2 cup of corn starch in the plastic bag.

2. Add 1/4 cup of baking soda.

3. Pour 6 drops of essential oil and seal the bag without seeing it.

4. Shake the bag so that the ingredients mix very well.

5. Pour the obtained powder in the shoes at the heels, then shake the shoes for the powder to spread uniformly.

Tip: Prepare a large quantity of powder, which you will store in the shoe closet. Use this powder daily, once in the morning and whenever you need it throughout the day. This powder is very effective and will help you to remove bad odor from shoes.[/expand]