How To Read Palms

In this article you will find out How to Read Palms. It is well known that your left palm reveals a lot of important details about your inherited skills. But did you know that following and interpreting your palm lines you can guess what your future reserved you? But you also know that your right palm indicates important details about your past achievements? So, you can read “passive hand” to discover your inner potential and inherited characteristics, while reading “active hand” shows you some key details about the time evolution of these native abilities.

When sings from active or dominant hand differ from those from passive hand, is a sign that the person has made great efforts in personal development plan, and these efforts have paid off. Active or dominant hand of a right-handed person is the right hand while the left-handed persons have the left hand as a dominant one. People with small hands are considered to be more active and strong when it comes to putting into practice the aspirations and other mental screenings.

How to Read Palms: Your Left Palm Reveals Your Future, and the Right Your Past

Life line – This line starts between the thumb and forefinger, evades mons and stops in the wrist region. A long, deep and smooth line indicates good health and long life. A break or branched line basis to indicate diseases and / or injuries.

Head line – It is the horizontal median line of the palm. A long and deep line indicates a sharp and deep mind . If it is oriented in one direction, indicates a rich imagination. If is oriented above, indicates a dull and objective mind. If the head line has the same starting point as the lifeline, you are a calculated and devoted person in relationships with the opposite sex. If is starting well above the lifeline, the head line indicates a predisposition towards arrogance and hypocrisy. If other lines crossed by a small cross that person has a tendency toward headaches.

Heart line- It is located above the head line, it is just in the opposite direction (stretching from little finger to index finger). A long, deep and smooth line threads indicate emotion, empathy and gentle. If it ends between the middle finger and forefinger, indicate kindness and sacrifice. If it ends towards index finger, indicates a thirst for power. If it ends behind the forefinger indicates consistent and professional dedication towards one area. If it is near the head line and life line it is a sign that the rational side dominate the emotional side.

Happiness lines-  Around the wrist you can see about four lines. If they are well defined, it is a sign of happiness, but after much effort. If they are completely missing is a sign that you will have no real joy in your life.