How To Keep The Ticks Away From Your Garden

Are you afraid for your health, for your children and even for your pets health? Here’s what you need to do to keep the ticks away from your garden!

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Ticks can be carriers of various diseases, including the famous Lyme disease, which affects the nervous system even leading to paralysis. To keep them away from your garden where your children and animals are playing, follow the these rules:

Cut the grass – the higher the grass, the more comfortable the ticks will feel.

Make an alley – if the garden has a rich vegetation, you have to make an alley, whether it be of cement or wood, to allow access without having walk through the grass.

If you have planks stored in the yard, keep them in the sun – ticks adore dark and humidity wood so, avoid having wet wood in the yard, storing it in the sun.

Use insecticide – you will find insecticides specifically designed to remove ticks.

If you stay in the country side, buy guinea fowl – these birds consume impressive amounts of ticks, so I assure you they will keep them away from your yard[/expand]