How to heat your home without central heating

Heavy winter with heavy snow, frost and low temperatures give big headaches to the many people! In homes, radiators heat almost non-stop and bills are very big. For those who can not afford to pay so much money each month and want to make savings, there is a cheap and efficient solution to heat your home.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

You can heat the house without turning on the radiators! We know, it seems like a joke, but it’s possible! Here’s how.

You need: 2 flowerpots of clay/terracotta(of different sizes to fit on into the another), 5-6 candles, 3 bricks, 1 yen plate, 1 hexagonal screw, 4 bolts, 2 screw nuts.


1. Place the yen plate in the place where you want to install the device.

2. Place the 3 bricks around the plate.

3. Place the pots to one to another using the hexagon head screw. You will fix them through the bottom of the pots (those intended for water leakage);

4. Light up 2.3 decorative candles (preferably in glass packaging) and place them in the yen plate.

5. Place the double pot (obtained at step 3) with your upside down over the plate. The mouth of the pot will be on the bricks!

The heating system is ready! The clay pot absorbs the thermal energy emitted by the candles and spreads it into the house. In 2-3 hours, it will warm up well in the house!

Obviously, when the candles are consumed, you can change them!

Be careful how you mount the system. Being an improvisation, you need to look after the details. Otherwise, you could even cause a fire! While this heating system is working, you should be in that room all the time. Be very careful if you have kids or animals. They could burn.

This is a very cheap and easy way to heat your home and you don’t need electricity. It’s a great method that can be used when the electricity is off.[/expand]