How to get rid of mosquitoes with only one ingredient

Mosquitoes represent a threat during the hot season! They enter easily into any home and attack without shame. Many people buy sprays and/or pills against these insects, without taking into account that the smell emanating from these insecticides is toxic.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

You can drive away mosquitoes from your home using a 100% natural method: coffee beans!

What should you do:

1. Keep the coffee grounds and put it on a plate, then cover with aluminum foil.

2. Keep the plate in a dry, cool place until the coffee grounds are dry.

3. Place the plate somewhere on a table. Be careful that pets or children don’t have access to it.

3. Fire it with a match until the smoke starts to get out.

4. It will burn slowly, and mosquitoes will disappear.

Another natural method is based on bay leaves. All you have to do is use bay leaves instead of mosquito pills. Burn them with a lighter or a match! The resulting smoke will kill mosquitoes.

These two methods are amazing and very effective. Your summer will be easier without mosquitoes![/expand]