Home Workout vs. Gym Workout

Do you wanna start to work your body and you don’t know what is the best choice between home workout and gym workout? In this article you will find the advantages and disadvantages of doing your workout at home or at the gym.

You will response to this question after reading this article and you will choose the most suitable solution in order to obtain the desired results.

Personally, I am doing my workout both at home and the gym, but also outside the house ( like running). I believe that are advantages both in home and gym workout, this is why I think you can chose both of them, not only one.

Home Workout advantages

– you save money

– you save time ( the time lost traveling to the gym and back)

– you have  privacy

–  you have the posibility to work at any time you want

Home Workout disadvantages

– the variety of exercises is limited

– neglect some muscles groups

– you do unsupervised workouts

– you risk you injury yourself ( if you do not execute correctly the exercises)

– low motivation

– the impossibility to use heavy weights

– you will be tent to take big pauses, in order to do order things that are not related to your workout

If you choose the home workout you need to be very motivated and persevering, in order to do the workout on longtime. If you want to see results, you have to work your body constantly, for long time.

 Gym Workout advantages

– great variety of workout machines

– grow motivation

– you can socialize with other people with a healthy lifestyle

– the workout will be supervised by a specialized instructor

– you can use heavy weights

– you can use jacuzzi and pool

– you can benefit of  specialized nutrition advises

– you will more organized and you will respect a program

 Gym Workout disadvantages

– you pay money

– you lose travel time to the gym and back

– the lack of fresh air ( in some gyms)

– the lack of intimacy

– the crowd in the gym ( at some hours)