Why Is Good To Wash Your Feet With Red Wine

I know it sounds very strange, but it’s time to find out that is good to wash your feet with red wine. This procedure will help you to get rid of an unpleasant and very common problem that many people confront with it.

Even this procedure is very uncommon, if you think a little bit, wine is made from grapes, so this is a natural method. So, again nature is by your side to take care of your health and beauty.

Find out why is good to wash your feet with red wine:

Feet excessive sweating is a very unpleasant problem which confront both women and men. In order to get rid of feet excessive sweating, today I will provide you a natural treatment.


– sage leaves

– red wine

– baking soda

– water

Procedure: In a recipient, pour 1 litre of water. Then, add 30 g of sage leaves. Leave it to macerated 7 days and mix the recipient one time per day. After 7 days put water in a big recipient where you can wash your feet. In that water pour 1 cup of the red wine mixture and 1 teaspoon of baking soda.

In this way you will get rid of feet excessive sweating.