How to Get Bigger Lips Naturally

If you desire bigger lips but you are afraid  or you don’t afford to use botox, hyaluronic acid or collagen etc, I have good news. There are some natural ways to obtain bigger lips. There are very cheap, natural and the effect will delight you.  These solution for bigger lips do not imply a medical intervention and you can make them at home.

To have bigger lips is more and more desired by many women. If the nature hasn’t endowed you with bigger lips or you simply think you will be and feel more beautiful with bigger lips, you are lucky. In this article you will find out how to obtain bigger lips at home very fast and easy.

If you constantly use these tips & tricks you will be very pleasant by the result. Let’s find out how to transform your lips:

  1. Prepare a natural lip balm designed for bigger lips – You need the following ingredients: one tablespoon of palm oil, 10 drops of  rose essential oil and few grater ginger. Mix well all the ingredients. Your lip bal in ready to make your lips bigger. Use this lip balm every day because will improve the blood circulation at lips level.
  2. Massage your lips – Make a massage to your lips every morning. Use the natural lip balm made by you at point one to massage your lips. Massage your lips from left to right, until they become soft and pink. Massage your lips 3-4 minutes.
  3. Exfoliate your lips – Mix honey with brown sugar and apply the mixture on your lips.
  4. Rub your lips using toothbrush – This a a good way to exfoliate your lips and to improve blood circulation
  5. Use lip-gloss with that contain extract of chilli, pepper, cinnamon, mint and black pepper
  6. Make exercises with your lips