Find Out Your Skin Type

There are several types of skin varying from oily, dry, and normal to combinations between them. However, the types of skin depends on various factors including age, genetics, and illness. It is essential to know your skin type because it will help you choose your skin care products wisely.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

All products are manufactured considering a specific skin type. A skin care product used for unsuitable skin can yield no results and sometimes lead to negative consequences. We have come up with some points that may help identify your skin type. In this article you will find out your skin type.

Find Out Your Skin Type

Normal skin

It has good balance of moisture, small pores, and even tone. You really don’t have to worry about normal skin unless you’re exposing it to the sun. In which case, you need to take adequate preventive measures before you go out in the sun.

Oily skin

You can identify this type if you find excessive sebum (oil) secreting from your skin. It is common to get greasy within a few minutes of washing your face. People with oily skin need to avoid moisturizer, but they still need to use sunscreen if they’re going to expose their skin to the sun.

Dry skin

Contrary to the oily skin, dry skin has little or no moisture in their skin. People with dry skin feel a sensation of tightness on their face and their skin is often irritated. You may also notice flaking in extreme cases, but not a common symptom. Use a gentle soap-free cleanser and moisturize regularly, to take care of your dry skin.

Combination skin

Combination skin is a blend of both oily and dry skin. People with combination skin usually find that their oily skin is concentrated in the T-zone, while their cheeks remain dry. A mild cleanser and moisturizer may be needed on the cheeks, while an anti-acne product with benzoyl peroxide might be necessary on the T-zone.[/expand]