Everybody tries to find the solution! Find out the rule!

The table from the image is very simple. At first sight, it looks like the mind game called Sudoku. But Sudoku lovers immediately know that isn’t about this game. Sudoku doesn’t allow numbers higher than 9. Look at the table with attention and try to find the solution.

If you still looking, and you haven’t find the solution I will help you to find it. So… what is the rule of this table? Every box seems to be randomly completed, but is not like that. Some simple calculations will help you find the solution, but you must know what they are.

Everybody tries to find the solution! Find out the rule![/expand]

I will provide you a clue: it’s about multiplication and subtraction. All you have to do know is to find the find the order in which you should apply those calculations. So, you haven’t find the solution yet?

SOLUTION: Look how to fill the boxes from the vertical row from the right: 3 x 4 = 12. So, every number from the first row is multiplied with 4. Then, 12-4 = 8. So, you must subtract 4 from each number from the middle row. So, to calculate the answer we have to subtract 4 from 20. 20-4=16. The final answer is 16.

Another logical explanation is: 

The first column – (3+7)/2=5

The second column – (12+28)/2=20

So this is the solution: (8+24)/2= 16!

This is the beauty of arithmetics.  If you have another logical solution you should send it to us.