This is How You can Remove Tartar at Home

Tartar is the result of excessive accumulation of bacteria in the mouth, and untreated, can cause gingivitis and periodontitis. Try these home remedies and say “goodbye” to the plaque (tartar).These remedies are the ideal solution for people who hate going to the dentist. Each remedy offers the same result of a meeting at the dentist.

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If you are a lover of sweet food, rich in carbohydrates (white bread, biscuits, candied fruit), or if you smoke, the tartar is something you can not avoid. In this article you will find out how you can remove tartar at home.

This is How You can Remove Tartar at Home

Remedy no. 1


– 30 gr of nutshell

– 200 ml of water

Procedure: Put the shells in a kettle and pour the water. Boil de mixture for 20 minutes. After it cooled, filter the mixture. Soak your toothbrush in the obtained liquid and brush your teeth for 5 minutes. Repeat the treatment 3 times per day. In 10 days the tartar will disappear.

Remedy no. 2


– 4 teaspoons of sunflower seeds

– 4 teaspoons of linden flowers

– 1 l of water

Procedure: Put all the ingredients in a big kettle. Boil the mixture for 30 minutes. Cover the kettle until water will have body temperature. Stir the liquid. Soak your toothbrush in the liquid and brush your teeth every day, after every meal. After 14 days, the tartar will be eliminated.

Remedy no. 3


– 3 tablespoons of Artemisia absinthum

– 300 ml of water

Procedure: Mix the ingredients and boil them for 20 minutes. Leave the liquid to cool, then stir it. Soak the toothbrush in this liquid and wash your teeth at least 5 minutes, 3 time per day.

After using any of these 3 remedies, rinse your mouth with apple vinegar for 1 minute. This will speed the elimination of tartar, making the remedies more effective.[/expand]