Argan oil is extracted from the seeds of the Argan fruit. Argan tree is a native of Morocco. Argan oil is a rare and valuable resource to treat multiple medical problems and cosmetic nature. It contains a high percentage of essential fatty acids and phenols, being more resistant to oxidation than olive oil. Contains vitamin A, omega-6 and omega-9 which gives the body more of the specific benefits of antioxidant substances. Argan crude oil is difficult to extract and is quite expensive. Due to high costs, is found only in small amounts in the composition of various products. I decided that rather to give money on a cream that says it contains argan oil and  has only 0.1% argan oil, it’s more efficient to buy a bottle of 250 ml oil cold pressed argan because is more cheaper.

Argan oil- benefits for skin

Has moisturizing properties and microbial qualities with far more extensive than a simple moisturizer because has no cholesterol ; Argan oil is more effective than other natural substances for skin moisturizers such as shea butter or olive oil, because it contains fatty acids.

  • Helps in restoring the natural pH of the skin ;
  • Helps to diminish wrinkles and gives skin elasticity ;
  • Adjusts the releaseof sebumin case of oily skin;
  • Is useful in the treatment of dry skin ;
  • Fade and participate in healing of blemishes and pimples caused by acne or chickenpox ;
  • Has the ability to neutralize free radicals this is why it plays an important role in treating eczema , acne and psoriasis ;
  • Has the ability to regenerate skin by revitalizing the cell functions , preventing premature aging caused by pollution , smoking, excessive sun exposure , etc. .
  • The application of argan oil on the nails make them harden , so it is recommended to treat brittle nails ;
  • The oil also helps to reduce inflammation and skin irritations ;
  • Pregnant women can apply argan oil body to prevent stretch marks ;
  • Mineral based makeup tends to dry the skin. This problem can be avoided by massaging the skin with 1-2 drops of argan oil before applying makeup .

Argan oil- benefits for hair

  • Hydration and nutrients provided by natural argan oil contribute to healthy hair growth ;
  • Natural antioxidants present in Argan oil strengthens hair and repair damaged hair cell membrane ;
  • Argan oil is recommended for the type of hair difficult to comb , as restores smoothness of hair , making it easy to comb and styling ;
  • Contains vitamin E, which is a fabulous substance for treating hair of any kind. Many internal and external agencies (such as heat, excessive hairdressing and oxidation ) affect hair. Vitamin E has positive effects on natural regeneration and repair hair ;
  • It’s a direct source of essential nutrients for healthy hair , due to its rich content of unsaturated fatty acids , omega -3 and omega- 9, which have the ability to treat brittle hair and split hairs;
  • Dye can damage your hair , making it coarse and curly . Argan oil is also indicated to remove these inconveniences, having superior qualities compared to jojoba oil ;
  • Without causing greasy , argan oil moisturizes , restores luster and shine of the hair ;
  • Stylists believe that argan oil is suitable for treating and repairing damaged and dry hair, affected by aggressive environmental factors and excessive styling