Most Beneficial Foods For Healthy Hair

Having a healthy hair is something that many women desire, because a healthy hair means a beautiful hair. People tend to think that a healthy and glowing hair can only be achieved through external usage of cosmetics. Whereas, myriad people fail to understand that healthy hair is an outcome of a proper diet.

Yes, as surprising as it may sound, the truth is, your diet habits influence your hair quality. It is quintessential to maintain a wholesome diet for a glittering and glowing hair. So, pause for a while and read the most beneficial foods that can lead you to the path of silky-smooth and healthy hair.

Make your  your hair shine with salmon

Fish like mackerel, sardine, and salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Your body can’t produce these healthy fats on its own. But with these food supplements, you can have your way to the rich, silky, and full hair.

Greek yogurt

It contains high amounts of protein, which is essential for thick and strong hair. Also, Greek yogurt has a special ingredient that helps in optimum blood circulation through your scalp. In addition, it helps in prevents your hair from thinning and loss.


If you ever need a food in your battle to your brittle hair, spinach must be your first choice. It is bundled with essential nutrients and vitamin A. It is also rich in iron, beta carotene, folate and vitamin C. These work together for a health scalp and mane. It will ensure that your hair is moisturised and strong.


This tropical fruit has a surprise content. It is not only good for your bones, but also great for your hair. One cup of guava contains 377 milligrams of Vitamin C. Now that’s four times the daily recommended value. Who ever thought that a green fruit could have so much beneficial nutrients?

Cereals to prevent hair loss

Iron deficiency is the primary reason for hair loss. In order to have more iron in your organism, include iron fortified cereals in your diet. You can also find it in grains, pastas, soybeans, lentils, beef, especially, organ meats like liver has abundant iron.