A Beauty Marvel Hidden In Your Kitchen 

Although maybe sounds strange, in your kitchen are hidden many miraculous ingredients that are very effective for your beauty. In this article you will find out a beauty marvel hidden in your kitchen. All women living in the Mediterranean countries have been using olive oil for centuries as a natural beauty secret and this secret is now going to be express in front of our beloved readers. Olive oil is derived from fresh olives, which are squeezed and purified and become what you know as the best condiment for your imperial salads. However, not everyone knows about the great nourishing properties of olive oil that can offer to your skin, when a booster is really needed.

A Beauty Marvel Hidden In Your Kitchen 


  1. When summer comes and you love sitting in the sun for too a long a time that’s what you get. You should always use a good sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damages but sometimes it does happen that you are on your way somewhere and just get that little bit of sun-burn that makes your skin feel dry and gives you a very uncomfortable feeling of itchiness. Don’t worry, the use of olive oil is again a marvel you did not know you already had.
  2. So, take any glass container you have at home (avoid using plastic for this use), any size to accommodate 2 to 3 spoons of olive oil in. Quantity actually depends on the area being burnt. For 2/3 spoons olive oil, squeeze half fresh lemon avoiding seeds. With a fork, now mix the two ingredients quite quickly so that a creamy liquid builds up.
  3. Apply immediately to sun-burnt area and cover with a soft natural cotton cloth to avoid stains on your clothes. Olive oil can leave heavy greasy stains, in fact.


  1. This is another body area which is almost always in need of special care. Imagine yourself wearing beautiful and trendy summer sandals or easy flip-flops showing cracked and dried foot-heels. No way, darling. So go straight to your kitchen cabinet and take out your skin’s best friend again.
  2. Pour just a few drops of olive oil directly onto your foot-heel and massage it onto the skin with a circular motion. The heat from your hand will make the olive oil a little more fluid and you will be surprised to see how your skin absorbs it while it will give you the feeling that your skin is drinking it as if your heels had been thirsty all that time!
  3. Repeat the treatment at least twice a day for a week and your foot-heels will be ready to show off.