Amazing Beauty Uses of Epsom Salt

Have you ever heard of Epsom salt? Epsom salt is not like the table salt that we used in our kitchen, it is a bit bigger and rougher in consistency than the normal one. It is a mineral salt that is composed of sulphate and magnesium. It is used for various purposes such as in the house chore, health and beauty. It has been used a lot as beauty tips. What are the beauty miracles that are hidden in Epsom? Continue to read this article and you will be amazed of how it enhances beauty.

Amazing Beauty Uses of Epsom Salt

Facial cleanser and wash

A small amount of Epsom oil when added with oil can be used as an exfoliation for the face. Scrubbed the mixture gently on the face and rinsed off with cold water. Say hello to a clean face!

Acne treatment

It has been proven to be one of the best methods of treating acne and even for whiteheads. Take a handful amount of Epsom salt with a few drops of water, just to get a nice consistency, and apply it gently on the affected area for about 5 to 10 minutes and wash it off. Repeat this treatment for several weeks, especially if you have stubborn acne and you will see your acne starting to disappear.

Protection against sunburn

How many of us like to go to the beach for long hours, but hates of being sunburned? Epsom salt is a great means of dealing with sunburn due to its inflammatory property; how to use it? Take one tablespoon of Epsom salt with half cup of water and spray on the face.

Lip exfoliation

Epsom salt is beneficial in remedying dried and cracked lips. Add Epsom salt with either coconut or olive oil and exfoliate the lips gently with it.

Body scrub

With Epsom salt, you can get rid of your unnatural body scrub as this salt is more advantageous for your skin and the result is guaranteed with no side effects. For the whole body scrub, add one to two tablespoons of Epsom salt with your body wash and massage lightly. The result after the bath will be a smoother skin.

Manicure and pedicure treatment

Have an amazing and relaxing spa treatment for your feet and hand with only Epsom salt. Add some handful of this salt to warm water and soaked your hands or feet in it for around 10 minutes. And ta-dah, you have a softer hand and feet as well as it helps in removing cracked skin. It saves you time and money from going to the spa; you can have your own spa at home.

Hair conditioner

Do you keep complaining about your hair being thin and dull? Add volume and shine to your hair by using Epson salt in your shampooing routine. Apply this salt directly to your hair scalp with a few drops of water to facilitate the massaging process. Washed your hair after all the salt has been well distributed in it and if desired, you can use your favourite shampoo.