8 Things You Should Never Apply On Your Face

Our  skin face should be privileged and we should always use products special designed for face. There are many factors that attack the face ( like sun, wind, sweat, cold etc.) If you don’t take care properly of your face, in time you will notice unpleasant results.

The skin from our face is very sensitive and we have to take care of it more than other parts of our body. There are some beauty products that we use for different parts of our body, hair etc and accidentally they are applied on our face. In this article you will find 8 things you should never apply on your face.

8 things you should never apply on your face

  1. Hair spray – It is possible to have heard that hair spray can fix your make-up. NEVER apply hair spray on your face! Hair spray contains alcohol and will irritate your skin and will make it dry.
  2. Deodorant – Just because it protects you from the sweat in the armpits area, doesn’t mean that is have the same effect on the face. Use spray for make-up fixing when the temperatures are high and you sweat a lot.
  3. Hair dye – If you dye your hair and want to match  the color of your eyebrows with the color of your hair, do not use hair dye on your eyebrows. Hair dye is too irritable for the skin around the eyes. Can cause serious burns and irritations. Use a dye based on natural dyes.
  4. Shampoo – The necessary ingredients to clean the scalp and your hair are not the same for cleaning your face. While you wash your hair, hesitate to flow shampoo on your face.
  5. Hair serum –This product is not suitable for you face. The serum contain different flavors that really irritate facial skin.
  6. Body lotion – Body lotions should never be applied on your face. They contain too many fats and ingredients that irritate the skin. Hesitate the lotions that say that are suitable both for face and body.
  7. Vinegar –This natural ingredient from the kitchen is used by many women as a toner. Do not use it on your face. Can burn you skin.
  8. Mayonnaise – This ingredient in part of many homemade masks. It’s not a good idea to use mayonnaise on your face because is too acid and do not allow the skin to breathe.