7 Unconventional ways to use your iron

Iron is an extremely useful household appliance that can be used for other purposes than straightening wrinkles from your clothes. Here are 7 unconventional uses that for sure will be very helpful for you.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

1. To laminate the documents, insert them into the special plastic foil, cover them with a towel and iron them, pressing hard.

2. To repair the holes in the parquet, pour a little water and roll the iron over and over again, and the wood will return to its original form.

3. To remove wax stains on fabrics, cover the affected area with a newspaper and iron over. The wax will melt and will be impregnated in the paper.

4. As a cooking hob. As strange as it may seem, a hot iron can be used to boil or to roast food.

5. For sticking the detached stickers, apply a foil and pass the iron on them.
Heat will reactivate glue, creating the impression of a freshly applied sticker.

6. To straighten the wrinkles on the carpets, stretch a wet towel on the affected area and pass the iron on over the towel.

7. For sealing food bags, pass the iron over the area you want to seal, pressing gently for 20 seconds.

Be very careful when using these tricks. You can destroy some things or you can even hurt you.[/expand]