5 Ways to get rid of moths

Moths are not easy to remove, especially if they manage to invade your wardrobe. They are rapidly growing in the warm season, taking advantage of the presence of thick cloths that you haven’t packed in bags.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

In places where you have thick cloths of cotton or wool, the moths are starting their party. Even dirty clothes are not avoided by these small insects: they feel attracted by the smell of sweat. So hygiene is essential if you want the moths not to invade your home. Make cleaning in your closet as often as you can and ventilate well the clothes and the house!

I will present you today some effective solutions to get rid of moths:

1. Cedar flavor is an effective and not dangerous method for human health. You can use cedar oil or just dry cedar leaves. Both variants are lethal for moths.

2. Naphthalene. The most popular solution against moth is naphthalene. It’s not, however, the most effective method. It smells bad, it’s toxic, and if it’s old it doesn’t work anymore. Specialists recommend naphthalene only if moths are over-sized, and other weaker substances cannot combat them.

3. Insecticides. Effective but harmful to the human body. That’s how we characterize these solutions.

4. Aromatic plants. I prefer them, instead of toxic solutions. They have a high efficiency and a persistent perfume that drives away the moths. The list includes rosemary, mint, lavender and pepper. Put the dried leaves of these plants or fresh pepper grains in slim sachets. Then put the bags between your clothes.

5. Covers for clothes. It is preferable to keep the clothes that attract moths (wool, cotton, or silk) into special covers that seal tightly. You can also store them in tightly closed plastic bags or in evacuated bags.

I will always choose natural solutions instead of chemicals ones.[/expand]