5 Face-Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

No matter what is your skin type ( normal, dry or oily), we are cleaning our face every day or every night. Face cleaning procedure is one of the most important step when we talk about the health of our skin.

But have you ever wondered if you proceed correctly when you clean your face?

Face-cleaning is not a procedure as simple as you think. I’m sure you are probably make some face-cleaning mistakes that you consider them correct. In this article you will read about face-cleaning mistakes that you should avoid in the future.

Without even realizing, these mistakes that you make are real aggression factors for your skin. It is important to know how to take care correctly of your skin.

5  Face-cleaning mistakes to avoid

  1. You don’t use water

How do you proceed when you take-off the make-up? You put cleansing lotion on a cotton pad and start to massage your skin using it. It will be better if your skin is wet when you take-off the make-up. All American says that all cleansing products are designed to be used with water. Water is the one that cleanses the skin, while the cleanser just complete its action.

  1. Aggressive exfoliation 

If the products that you use are to aggressive, will irritate your skin and can appear eczema on it. It is recommended to use soft products and to apply them gentle, every day on your skin. Also, it is not recommended to use to often masks ( maximum 2 times per week).

  1. You remove your make-up too fast

It’s not enough to clean your face one time. You have to repeat the process at least 2 times. First time, the cleansing product have the role to penetrate the skin and to dissolve the impurities. The second time, the cleansing product removes the make-up.

  1. What is good for body it’s not good for the face too

You would be surprised how many women wash their faces with liquid hand soap or use as face cream body lotion. The result is dehydration, irritation and other harmful effects.

  1. You wash your face too often or too much

If you wash your face more than 2 time per day and more than 2 minutes, it’s not ok. The frequent washing will dry and irritate your skin or will stimulate sebum secretion. It is indicated to wash your face in the morning and night.