4 Effective ways to clean a microwave

Microwave stains are unsightly, smelly and reduce the efficiency of the appliance. Here are 4 methods for cleaning a microwave.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

Method 1. Using vinegar

• Fill 1/2 of a special recipient with water and add a tablespoon of white vinegar.
• Place the recipient in the microwave.
• Set the time to 5 minutes.
• Remove the recipient from the microwave and wipe it with a clean kitchen towel or a paper towel. The dirt will be easily removed.
• Remove the glass plate or rotary part and wash it like a regular dish in the sink.

Method 2. Using lemon

• Cut a lemon in half and place the two parts with the cut side down on the rotary plate of the microwave, along with a spoonful of water.
• Turn on the microwave for one minute or until the lemon is hot and steam is formed inside the oven.
• Wipe with a clean kitchen towel or a paper towel.

Method 3. Using dishwasher

• Fill a special container with water.
• Add the desired amount of dishwashing detergent.
• Place the container in the microwave oven and leave it in for 1 minute or until steam is formed inside the oven.
• Remove the container and wipe the inside of the oven with a sponge. Due to the steam action, the dirt will detach easily.

Method 4. Using glass solution

• Mix in a bowl 2 parts of glass solution with a part of hot water. This quantity will be sufficient to clean the microwave inside and outside.
• Soak a sponge in this solution and wipe the inside walls of the microwave oven. Remove the rotary tray and clean the base of the oven thoroughly. Don’t forget to wipe the ventilation hole to remove the accumulated dirt.
• After thoroughly cleaning the inside of the oven, wipe it with a clean cloth moistened with cold water, taking care to remove all traces of the glass solution. In the end, wipe all surfaces thoroughly with a dry and clean cloth.
• Allow the microwave oven to dry thoroughly before using it again. If you feel the smell of glass solution in the interior, wipe it again with a cloth soaked in cold water.
• The glass solution is suitable for cleaning the door, handle, and other external parts of the microwave oven. After removing all the dirt from the outside, wipe the surfaces with a dry and clean cloth.[/expand]