10 Tips To Prevent And Treat Cracked Heels

When summer comes, is very  unpleasant to confront the problem of cracked heels because in this season this problem occurs most frequently. Shoes and sandals with rigid soles, sun, sea water etc.  all contribute to worsening the situation. Today we offer 10 tips to prevent cracked heels and treat them if necessary:

1. Choose carefully your shoes ! – If your shoes are too high or too low, the risk of cracking your heels increases considerably.

2. Avoid wearing only sandals or slippers ! – The exposure of your feet to the external enviroment factors and  the friction of synthetic sole can affect your heels.

3. Avoid hot water! – Even if at the moment you feel really good,  hot water dries your skin and your heels you crack.

4. Use bath oils, mineral salts, bubble bath! – All these reduce the hardness of water and help  moisturize the heels and your whole body.

5. Use protection socks! – Any treatment ,cream or oil  you aplly on your toes, will work better if you cover the  foot with a pair of socks. For best results apply treatment tonight, put your socks and go to bed.

6.Be friend with coconut oil! – If you have problems with cracked heels, coconut oil should be present in your home. It moisturizes and softens the skin and, in addition, has anti-microbial proprieties, and calm irritations caused by infections. Apply it using the above method!

7. Exfoliate your heels! – Use a natural exfoliant made with cornmeal,  honey, apple vinegar and olive oil (as needed to obtain a thick paste). Apply the paste on the heels , leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then gently rub your heels with a pumice stone..

8.. Apply a mask for the feet! – When you prepare your fruit for face masks, prepare separately  fruits for a legs mask. Fruit enzymes help to remove dead cells and heal cracks. Aadd oil (olive, coconut, almonds, etc..) To avoid drying heels.

9. Be careful what you eat! – Make sure in your diet you will not miss foods rich in good fats – nuts, seeds, olive oil, etc.. They help maintain skin elasticity and hydration.

9. Watch your weight!