10 RUNNING TIPS For Beginners

If you are considering to start running, or if you are a beginner, you are in the right place and this article will help you to understand some important running tips. Every start is difficult, but if you follow the tips form this article, you will notice how enjoyable and energizing running can be.

For many people, to run can be a hell. This is why today I will help you to transform running in something pleasant. I will provide you 10 running tips for beginners that will help you to run correct and healthy.

Don’t wait another day! Go in a park or in a nice place and start to run! Also, it is very important to be persevering, ambitious and not give up!

  1. Welcome to the start line

Before you start to run, establish 2 very clear objectives: to maximize the results and to minimize injuries.

  1. Buy suitable running shoes

Shoes are the most important thing when you run. Invest your money in some shoes special designed for running. Pick a model that suits you and also suits with the area when you run the most: street, track or treadmill.

  1. Make a plan

One of the most important running tips is to have a plan. Space and time are the basic coordinates for an effective running program. ” I don’t have enough time for running” and ” I don’t have a place to run” are just 2 excuses that must be excluded. You can run 3o minutes per day, instead watching a TV show. Look for a suitable place for run nearby. In this way, you will save time and solve the problem of space.

  1. Calculate your time

In time, will notice that you will improve your running by run longer distances in shorter time. This thing will motivate you.

  1. Follow the ” fit ” formula

Run between 3-5 kilometers, 3-5 days per week., in a comfortable rhythm. Run at every 2 days, for at least 30 minutes.

  1. Find your own rhythm

Many running beginners do not know what a comfortable rhythm means. Don’t force yourself because you will get too tired and  you will be discouraged.  It is hard to find the perfect rhythm. When you can speak with somebody while running, you will know that you founded your rhythm.

  1. Do not forget to warm and to relax

Famous fitness coaches recommend: walk fast for 5 minutes, then run in a comfortable rhythm. When you feel like you finished with warming, do not stop. Transform the running in walk again. After that is the perfect time for stretching.

  1. Do not hesitate to walk

Stop to run is not a form of cheating, contrary, is very specific for big athletes. You can mix the walk with the running in these situations: when you are a beginner, when you want to retrieve your form after a big pause, when you do your warm before to start to run and when you want to prolong the sport time.

  1. Be careful of your running style

The running style is like a footprint. Is is innate and very hard to be changed. But, in time you can make some changes. Run with your back straight and do not lean too far in front. Keep looking forward towards the horizon, not toward your feet. Try to maintain a constant effort, not necessarily at the same rhythm.

  1. Eat and drink properly

Runners should pay attention to several important things like:  weight control, because extra weight will slow you down; to eat easy with an hour before running; drink water before, while and after running.

There are many running tips but I think these are the most important and helpful. Enjoy your run!